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  1. who said thats mine did i say i own that car wash no i didnt i might be a mobile valeter for all u know and yes i can end with out doing the loopy sign but these english lads that set these car wash sites up i think good luck to them but people like ya self have to pull them down on here at least there trying to earn money and not sponge money by sitting at home doing nothing
  2. well iv been valeting for a 11 years mate so any of my customers are more then welcome to look at my invoices at any time an all from auto smart so i use good and proper car cleaning products i dont use a bucket and sponge we are in 2012 now you know we use snow former and mits :loopy:
  3. try them lads at the transport club meadowhead
  4. well may be he wants to clean cars better an he might get paid more ever thought of that :loopy:
  5. there is a hand car wash now opened across the road at the transport club car wash starts at £4
  6. its great cos it means i dont have to wash mine an the wifes car i can take it to them at the transport club
  7. my brother set me up today so im just trying this webpage out what is wrong with that and that is the only thing i thought of doing because i dont have any thing to sell
  8. no not at all i hate cleaning mine an the wife car
  9. thats great a hand car wash opening tomorrow at the transport club at meadow head right on the door step seen the sign today
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