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  1. Managed to barter down Hastings car insurance £150 last year,but this year they got me back saying they couldn’t find anyone to insure me even though I’ve been continuously driving for 57yrs ,never made a claim,no offences.Totally petty.
  2. While I bow to your obvious knowledge of the workings of the EU and politics LOOb ,I can’t help thinking your replies on this website smacks at William Joyce(Lord Haw Haw).Do you really dislike the UK and it’s inhabitants that much?
  3. A Bridge too Far in the hope the allies will arrive at the bridge in time
  4. My state pension is £128 per week ,my wife’s is £80 per week ,it was £34 but because when I came onto pension with full dues paid it went up to £80.Can’t claim additional pension because I made the mistake of saving for my retirement and have too much in savings.Not moaning we are ok but I am surprised at the huge discrepancy of state pensions
  5. What a superlative voice he had,rip.
  6. We saw him last year on stage,he was in a sorry state ,not the doddy we had come to know and love,he was even turning round to the drummer asking for the punch lines.At the end of the night the audience stood up as one and all clapped ,no shouts for more a truly moving experience as it was thanking him for all those years of entertaining them.A true great of the entertainment business.
  7. Just wondered if anyone who has gone through chemotherapy has any tips on counteracting the bad feeling of nausea afterwards ,thanks
  8. I remember during the 1980's a large steel rolling mill in Rotherham controlled and optimised it's cutting of the steel for its customers with a computer who's memory was smaller than a Sinclair Spectrum 48k.
  9. Thanks for your replies I will pass the telephone number on to my friends as I have a copy but they don't .I thought I would get one reply from one person trying to take advantage of the situation.
  10. Trying to source a copy of Not Like A Proper Job,a history of Sheffield bands in the 60's/70's for a friend but it seems it is not available anymore
  11. Hi Tez ,my name is Roy I didn't play in the Knights but I saw them and knew them.I remember Sean Piggott his brother Vin,Chell Morton and Roy Mcginley and also Phil Wright .I used to play in a band at that time called Big Ben and the Chimes,perhaps you heard of them.I am in good contact with Sean if you want me to relay any message to him.
  12. Why don't we make it mandatory that to visit this country you must have health insurance along with a passport
  13. I see they've included Ken Dodd in the new year honours list.Long overdue after all these years making millions of people laugh.It must have left a nasty taste in the establishments mouth to have in the end give it to him ,l bet they were hoping he'd pop off before they had to.
  14. Yes most of clubs concert secretaries were hard working and honest but you got the odd scammer who disgraced the title.The scam goes like this:- The artistes are on a fee of £28 the concert secretary comes in the dressing room at the end of the night to pay the act he presents a receipt book to sign for a fee of £45 saying if we sign there's an extra £5 for us so we are presented with £33.That means the secretary can pocket £12 for himself.This happened to us more than once
  15. Remember the old Ford cars and vans fitted with windscreen wipers driven by pressure from the exhaust manifold,ludicrous when you took your foot off accelerator the wipers went ten to the dozen,when you pressed hard on accelerator the wipers stopped.
  16. What handypandy said brings back fond memories.We were in a band and used to get around in an old ford zephyr estate.Problem was there wasn't enough seating in the front for all of us.So the smallest and thinnest of us used to make himself rigid and we would pick him up and feed him into the back with the gear just like a mic stand.Health and Safety today would have a field day.
  17. Norman Collier,Duggie Brown,Chapman Brown,The Daizies, Glen Dale and the Kandies
  18. Always remember Woodhouse Central club ,it had a huge long concert room we arrived too early and were the only ones in so we sat at a table next to the stage,there seemed to be hundreds of empty tables.At the back of the room we saw two dots come in and shuffling along they got bigger and bigger till the old couple came up to our table and promptly informed us we were sitting at their table,we pointed out all the empty tables but they were having none of it and the chairman told us to move.Incredble
  19. Has to be our own Joe Cocker ,With a Little Help
  20. Yes an immense talent.I like the tale that Geoff Lynn told of when he,George Harrison and Bob Dylan decided to ask Roy if he would join the Travelling Willburys .Hard to imagine with their combined talent but they were totally in awe of him,in fact George Harrison said Geoff blurted out "what if he says no".Thankfully he said yes.
  21. Oh dear I am lectured by the lecturer but I still stand by what I said.Turkey has made it clear that they are looking for full membership of the EU and all the benefits that come with it,so watch this space. I must say that I am impressed by Mr Cameron's tactics in this referendum which was called because one of the main concerns of the public was immigration.He has come off the starting blocks banging the table about the economy and how strong it is( which it is) ,Boris and co. have gone head to head with him whilst Dave has conveniently kicked the immigration question under the table because it's a hot potato.If this continues then Dave will win the referendum no question and we will be resigned to years of unfettered immigration from the EU.
  22. The dark clouds are again forming over Europe our government is sleepwalking seemingly oblivious to what is happening.President Merkel of Europe is currently in Turkey negotiating on our behalf to give a potential 77million Turks visas for free movement in Europe.We are at the moment experiencing an unsustainable influx of Eu migrants and this is being reflected in the large cracks that are appearing in the NHS,Schools and Social Services as they struggle to take the strain.Adding Turkey to the equation what will happen to our green and pleasant land?I suppose I will be lectured on the error of my thoughts but to those critics I suggest they make a little visit to one of those idyll,English ,country market towns such as Boston,Spalding or Wisbech and try walking down the Main Street brushing past the hundreds of Immigrants on the pavement.The local councils are totally overwhelmed by the sheer numbers involved.
  23. A sad day for British comedy she was the ultimate stand up comedienne.The talent gulf between her and the so called new stand up Comedy Comediennes like Sarah Millican was enormous.
  24. Don't you think the BBC is biased in favour of remaining ,all they and Westminster want to talk about is how it will have a downside effect on our economy if we vote out.They could be partially right as the remaining EU countries won't take our leaving lying down and I think for a few years they would make trading very difficult. But what about the other side of the coin the part the government doesn't want to talk about ,77 million muslim Turks licking their lips at coming over here as EU members .The UK could be likened to a lifeboat and like a lifeboat will sink if too many people are in it,it will be every man for himself.
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