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  1. Only my folks call me on the land line. Everyone else has a smartphone. I'm going to disconnect my land line in a couple of months when my girlfriend moves in with me.
  2. Would you recommend? Or is it really trashy 60s sci fi?
  3. It all depends what kind of dating you're after? Here's a list I found from typing 'best dating sites' into google: http://www.datingadvicecentre.com/best-dating-websites
  4. Considering gay couples contribute more to the economy than straight couples (because they generally don't reproduce or sponge off the state to such a great extent) I'm in favour of gay marriage. It's for the greater good....and equality and all that
  5. Django Unchained - 8/10 Everything you'd expect from a Tarantino movie
  6. The Tories have left IR35 alone for now it seems...
  7. Is George Osbourne going to abolish IR35, as the Tories have been promising for over a decade in opposition? Just been having an 'interesting' chat with my boss about it. By interesting, I mean it could be good, it could be really bad for me! Basically, he was saying how he'd make all his staff contractors if IR35 got scrapped. Would we get better wages from him as contractors? Probably not. Would we get our employee benefits? Probably not. Just been reading up about ir35 and while it's clear as mud, it's basically to stop contractors working for their old employers to save their employers money. Kind of feels like this could go the over way if IR35 is abolished and employers could screw employees over. What do you guys think?
  8. Anyone got any old PS3 games they'd like to swap/borrow? Just finished Jak & Daxter HD Trilogy. Looking for more old games.
  9. Just finished watching The Dead, which was pretty awesome for a low budget zombie flick. Seeings as zombies are all the rage right now, could you all recommend me some good zombie movies to watch with my mates? We watched La Horde last week and that was great, if extremely violent. Thanks
  10. We're thinking of getting a telephone answering service for our business, because we can't keep answering the phone for random things when we need to be in the warehouse to get all our orders out in the run up to Christmas. Could anyone recommend a good, cheap telephone answering service that isn't based in India! Cheers
  11. Thanks, just had a look and come across these guys http://www.contractormortgagesuk.com/ Their offset mortgage is better than the one I have with first direct as a permie.
  12. I currently have a mortgage with first direct and I work permanent. However, in a couple of years I'm thinking of going self employed as a contractor. What effect would that have on my mortgage? Would I have to declare a change in the way I get my earnings, will I have to negotiate a different mortgage type?
  13. Would love to see some scans of those photos. The American West has always fascinated me. Although I only recently learned that the big push West only happened after the Civil War, when I always thought the war had come afterwards.
  14. Hi guys, I hear Geek Squad are pretty big in the US, but can someone tell me if they've used them in the UK? There's a Geek Squad at Carphone Warehouse in Wakefield and I was thinking of taking the missus's Laptop there to get fixed. Basically, it won't start up. Or it starts up, the fan goes crazy, then it shuts itself off Had a bad experience with PC World and need to find an alternative. Although if anyone can recommend a small independent place, that would be great!
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