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  1. I'm looking to start an commercial tyre fitting service on around the area any feedback would be appreciated it would be a mobile service
  2. Would anyone know how much it would cost for a replacement screen please
  3. im looking for a 360 original not slim to take apart for my own, better if faulty gna get ripped apart anyway.will collect from sheffield or chesterfield(its the hd one also) many thanks
  4. i cant give a name just yet but its on city road sheffield
  5. ive just had some work done on my car and within a week or so it failed AGAIN!!!!! the garage didnt give me any sort of reiceipt and when called them explaining whats happened they said"you've got no warranty from the parts and you've got no warranty from us so your f##ked bye".then he put phone down. ive now taken it another garage and they say the cause was a seal that should have been replaced but hadn't been. the seals come with the parts/kit which they supplied they just did'nt bother to fit it. the job is nearly totalling a thousand pound now. as anyone got any advice for me,im thinking of going to trading standards any goog advice will be very appreciated.
  6. recently ive the nightmare of putting a gearbox in my car.if i had access to a workshop ramp i would have done it myself saving me a small fortune. is there anywhere outthere where i could just go to and rent the ramp and do the work myself,im sure many people have this problem. the possibilties are endless from just a simple oil change to a complete engine rebuild:huh:
  7. last christmas i got the same treatment and got screwed over for £30.but on a good note my hands are silky soft:hihi:
  8. i had the the samr problem with my astra i got is narrowed down to the crank position sensor or the transponder in the key or the immobiliser. id think a good electrician would sort all your problems:)
  9. ive been playind mw3 on multiplayer since it came out now,but i tend to get bored and see myself going old skool on mw. anyone else find that,or is just me:loopy:
  10. Bring it on on i cant wait for the showdown!!!!!
  11. kids on stolen bikes use our estate as an escape route to get into the fields at the back of our house to outrun run the police,theres kids dog walkers and lots of people in general it will not be long until someone is hurt or worse!!!!
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