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  1. Hi Dunreet Yes I will keep asking for the photo Pleased to hear that you found out about your grandfather, I would treasure the photo of my uncle and I'm sure it really means nothing to my cousin's husband but what can I do. And thank you to the others that have provided info about service info Keep searching Down Under ---------- Post added 24-04-2013 at 15:57 ---------- Hi Dunreet and everyone else who tried to help, just to let you know I finally received the photo of my uncle Very pleased Down Under
  2. Hi Dunreet Thank you for your email, my Mum did have plenty of siblings but all gone now, I have found out that a cousin who has passed away now her husband has a photo of my uncle and his medal and ribbons, I couldn't believe it, it's just by chance that I phoned him as we have never seen each other for years, when I offered to pay for him to send them for me as he is no relation to my uncle, he said he didn't know if he wanted to let them go. I feel very upset, he has said that he will get a copy of the photo and send it to me but that was about three months ago, nothing yet, I phoned him again but still nothing. I will try the Star too just in case
  3. Hi Mumsy Thank you for your information, much appreciated, I will check it out Thanks again Down Under
  4. Hi Kiwi Guy Thank you for your information, I didn't realise about the Australian soldiers but I will make enquires at the Library Archives in Perth when I am next in there.It won't be for a while as we have just put our house on the market so pretty busy just now. I will let you know what I found out down the track Down under
  5. Hello Bellashaw93 The only Margaret that I knew when I worked on the switchboard there in the 60's was Margaret Merril nickname Bunty, she married Brian who was a chef at the hotel Downunder
  6. Thank you multiparvo1, that is probably my family tree as I have that information, I would really really like to find a photo but it seems a bit impossible, thanks again Down Under
  7. Thank you PopT, I don't know where he worked but it is something else to try, if only I had asked questions when my mum was alive, I now live in Australia so can't just pop into the Library to ask questions but I won't give up the search Thanks again Down Under
  8. Thank you everyone for your help with my request for Frank Warrington WW1 soldier very much appreciated Thank you Janette1169 for the offer of searching for a photo I did try the Yorks&Lancs museum but they couldn't help with photo, I will try the Telegraph & Star
  9. I am looking for info on my uncle who died age 20 in France in WW1 in 1917 his name is Frank Warrington Is it possible to find photo's of these soldiers
  10. I used to work at the Grand Hotel in the early sixties on the switchboard with Carol and Bunty. The manager was Farquah Macleod and John Spitzer was a live in resident, through his work John new all the stars and once took me to the Gaumont theatre across from the hotel to meet Shirley Bassey who was doing a show with The John Barry Seven. We worked shifts 7am to 3pm and 3pm to 11pm and an elderly man did the night shift. Met a lot of stars who stayed there when doing shows at the City Hall across the road. I now live in Australia
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