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  1. You really don't need to do this. Like most modern browsers Safari's address bar is also the search field. Just type your search query into the address/search box of any Safari window and press Go on the keyboard. No need to actually go to http://www.google.co.uk.
  2. ...which is fully refunded if you don't use it. Can't go wrong.
  3. Whether or not you think PIP is fair, remember that you're not trying to prove what conditions you have, so medical diagnoses are fine for setting the scene but won't actually make you qualify by themselves. You need to show what impact those conditions have on your daily life and/or mobility. Loonytunes, for example, clearly has a lot going on but doesn't say anything about the impact of those conditions on him/her. For PIP it's not a competition to see who has the most wrong wth them. Harsh, but true. ---------- Post added 27-05-2017 at 09:50 ---------- Great advice, especially if your condition is variable in its impact.
  4. Which is a great argument, except for the basic fact that Trident missiles apparently don't use GPS. "One common argument is that the US can simply ‘turn off’ the GPS system and therefore can stop the UK using Trident, this is also a myth, Trident isn’t guided by satellite. The missile uses a kind of stellar sighting guidance system and inertial navigation to take a reading from the stars to work out the missile’s position and make any adjustments necessary. They do not require GPS." Edit: beaten to it. See post above.
  5. Not wishing to sound harsh, but if you signed up for a service on an auto-renew basis you can't really complain that they have auto-renewed it. If you don't want it any more you need to find out how to cancel asap!
  6. If anyone is still with Talk Talk, they're mad. They just can't be trusted to keep your info safe, as already demonstrated, but even worse is the attitude of their CEO. She basically said that as there's no legal requirement to encrypt customer data they didn't bother. Seems they hold their customers in contempt.
  7. The Ts&Cs will include something like "Errors and exceptions apply". That's the key phrase which means that the retailer can cancel the purchase contract if they realise they've made a mistake, for example with the pricing.
  8. But the trade off is that Talk Talk regularly gives your data away, thanks to terrible security. I'm amazed anyone still uses them.
  9. Monday is the bank holiday. There's no substitution going on. Worth being aware of the parking charge situation anyway.
  10. A city region is the area that comes under the influence of the major city at its heart. So Barnsley is actually in both Leeds and Sheffield city regions because people from there work, shop, and spend leisure time in both Leeds and Sheffield. And the success or otherwise of Leeds and Sheffield has a knock-on effect on Barnsley. It seems a bit odd when you first hear it, but it makes sense really.
  11. I'd have thought that marketing Sheffield to the rest of the UK is far more important and productive than marketing it to the rest of the world. With the greatest respect to our city, how many foreign tourists will choose it over London, York, Oxford etc
  12. It's pretty unlikely to be honest - carrying stock for each old model of Macbook, just in case someone wants to buy one doesn't sound all that good a business plan. Your best bet is to get one off eBay, although they are likely be lower capacity than the original spec and therefore not last as long between charges. I got one for a similar age MBP; it was cheap and it's worked fine.
  13. Just contact EE and tell them you want their stupid content filter turned off. All mobile providers have one which they turn on by default, but they're always over-zealous about which sites they block. They should be turned OFF by default in my view. What's wrong with treating adults like adults?
  14. Is it actually causing a problem, for example by causing near misses with pedestrians using a crossing or with other traffic at the junction? Or is the visibility at the junction really good and the drivers who jump the lights can clearly see there's nothing else coming and no kids to mow down? If it's the latter it's obviously still wrong, but there's got to be other things to worry about. We've all experienced the frustration of sitting at a red light when there's blatantly no reason to do so, and if the lights were't there at all we'd be perfectly capable of navigating the junction safely.
  15. Over time, apps will be updated to take advantage of features that are only available in newer versions of iOS. It's inevitable, I'm afraid.
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