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  1. Evening all I’ve got the chance to attend a recruitment day but I’m after any opinions/thoughts about the job? 19 years working in a dealership, I’m now an apprentice trainer but finding the role quite stressful. It’s clean and warm don’t get me wrong, but I expected to get more satisfaction from the job. I used to get a good kick from fixing cars and helping people out.
  2. Recently dug some boarders and planted some flowers etc. over the past few days the local cats have been using a corner of the new boarder as a toilet! I've been reading lots of homemade sprays and powders etc. what actually works? Any ideas would be appreciated :-)
  3. Ones like this company http://www.completeconservatorysolutions.co.uk How expensive was it if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Ok summer is approaching and we've been thinking about what to do with the conservatory. As most people will know it's ultra hot in summer! Reaching 45-50c in the day and freezing in the winter. Infact we've not even used it since last summer. I've been looking into the exterior tiled roofs which look quite expensive. I'm now looking into the insulated hanging ceiling setups. Has anyone got one of these setups and more importantly do they actually work? I've read all the reviews I can see online but must are on various conservatory websites that do this kind of work. I'm after a unbiased opinion.
  5. Totally gutted when I found out yesterday, my favourite childhood films had Robin in. RIP
  6. Sounds like it's having trouble recognising the key? Possible barrel or toroidal coil issue.
  7. Get some if those lovely bourbons... They go down well with a cuppa!
  8. Well there's plenty of courses to do but I suppose the biggest battle is gathering the experience! If any lock smiths would like a 'lad' and would let me rude along to see what's involved in general then please get in touch.
  9. Thanks for the positive replies! :-) I do like my job but the motor trade compared with other trades is very much the underdog. The amount of tools and knowledge needed to work on today's cars is getting beyond a joke. I wouldn't mind if the pay reflected this but it doesn't...
  10. I'm fast approaching 32 but keep thinking about doing something else in life, I've been in the motortrade 16 years now but fancy learning some new skills. I've been looking into possibly becoming a locksmith... I've been on the MLA website where there is loads of info however I would like some of the people in the trade opinions? Anybody willing to let me tag along in the evening/weekends to see if it's a trade I would like to invest in? Can offer diagnostic checks etc in exchange
  11. Very good point.. I totally forgot to say there's two of us. I'd be in a world of hurt shopping solo :-(
  12. We shop at aldi all the time and seem to have sussed the checkout. We have 3 large aldi fabric bags. We load all the heavy stuff (that can't be squashed) onto the conveyor belt first. Then very quickly pack the bags (in the trolley) as their scanning at the speed of light! It can be done but it's just working out what items need to go into the bags first then all the soft stuff can sit ontop. We also get looked at in amazement as we push the trolley out as we walk past the benches where all the people are still packing...
  13. Very good!, thanks for sharing :-)
  14. I've just bought another consolised one slot, I had the 161in1 but it was full of bugs so I got rid, trying to find another one
  15. Loob Have you got any MVS carts for sale or trade?
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