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  1. Yes I have just replied. Thank you so much Rich! By the way, I forgot to say that part of latin I learned are cha cha and rumba. I have also learned a little bit samba (really a little bit). I don't know other categories of latin at all. Cheers, Yulan
  2. Hi all, I am new in Sheffield. I have learned both Belly dance and Latin dance for a year in China. I hope to continue learning as well as to join some dance workshops or events. I am in 20s now and need to work from Monday to Friday. Any good suggestions for me? Thanks a lot! By the way, I don't come to this forum often. Thus if you have some interesting recommendations, would you please contact me at the following address? Thank you very much! yulan.liu.wings@foxmail.com Cheers, Yulan
  3. Well, I saw the table tennis table out of the Cathedral today. Personally I guess...the wind in Sheffield makes it impossible to play the best one can...it's too strong with undetermined directions. I guess it's just not suitable to play table tennis in the open air in Sheffield.
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