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  1. I don't consider myself to have a problem, - I don't "need" a drink. I like the taste of certain types of alcohol and I enjoy a glass or two on a Friday or Saturday. I don't wake up wishing I could have a drink nor do I want one every night I come home. Like another poster said, it's all about balance. I think I have enough dry days during the week to be able to have a couple of glasses on a weekend. I think, in hindsight, I'd had a bad day yesterday, it was the end of a long week and I took my fiance's comments a little too personally.
  2. Well I'm cooking meatballs for tea, so a bottle of red got opened.....for the sauce obviously
  3. Just came home after a long day at work, was telling my fiance all about it. Finished it off with the comment - I feel like I need a drink now! He laughed and replied: You don't have to drink every weekend you know, we have nothing on (ie no plans with friends). I consider my job to be fairly stressful and work load heavy at times. I rarely drink during the week, but I do enjoy a drink when it comes to the weekend. A bottle of rose or prosecco over the two nights or similar. I see it as a way to wind down and relax while watching TV or a film. Is it so wrong of me to do this or am I being overly sensitive towards his comments due to my pants day?
  4. I've ordered a card asking her to be my bridesmaid and I think I'll put a little note in saying something like if you would prefer to just be a guest that's fine also. I don't think she'll say no though even if she doesn't want to - who would?
  5. I agree with others that it depends what country you're looking to marry in. The hotel weddings I looked at seemed like you didn't get a lot for your money and they were a bit impersonal. I am looking to get married in Paphos, Cyprus in 2020. We've found a great company (http://www.paphosweddingsmadeeasy) and have picked a beautiful taverna for our ceremony and reception. Cyprus weddings are also legal back in the UK.
  6. I've recently got engaged and even though we aren't planning to wed until 2020, I've been looking at various bits and bobs. I know who I want for my bridesmaids - I have even before I got engaged. I have two, long time friends who I know will be there for me no matter what. I haven't asked them yet, but I think they know they probably will be asked as I was bridesmaid for them both at their recent weddings last year. I was talking to my brother about my wedding plans earlier, and he's bluntly asked me if his wife is going to be my bridesmaid or if it's a secret. I'm planning on having their daughter as my flower girl. I was bridesmaid for them at their wedding in 2015, but I feel like I was asked more because I am his sister, rather than because we are close. We aren't particularly close at all, they live 300 miles from us and we don't really speak in between seeing each other. We get on well when we're together but that's it. My question is - should I have her as a bridesmaid? I'm not against it, but I'd only ever envisaged having my two friends and I feel she might only say yes because she's being asked.
  7. Yep I definitely think you're right, - the house we have bought is nearly completed and they had put lots of extras into it and wanted it sold rather than sitting there empty.
  8. We have one booked in for Wednesday. We are expecting it to be what we sold it for, would just be nice if it was market value for a little extra in our pocket.
  9. My partner bought a house 4.5 years ago with a Help to Buy loan from the government. We are now selling it to move into a house that we're buying together. The housing developer of our new house is buying our house in a part exchange and we received much more for our current house than it is worth. My question is - would the Help to Buy scheme require 20% paying back of what we sold it for to the housing company or what it is currently worth?
  10. We are moving house shortly from Sheffield to Rotherham, can anyone recommend a removals company? Does anyone know of any which also offer boxes so we wouldn't have to faff buying our own? Thanks in advance.
  11. Well we went to Harron Homes today.......and we reserved a property!! Couldn't walk away from it, it was such a good deal. The house is ready in 6 weeks and they wanted a sale which put us in a good position. Ended up getting fitted kitchen, integrated fridge/freezer and dishwasher, tiled floor in the kitchen, dining rooms and bathrooms which are also half tiled, turf, outside tap and fencing, fitted wardrobes in the master bedroom, carpeted throughout and they also matched our deposit which was the decider. Got part exchange instead of help to buy (didn't realise you couldn't do both in the same transaction). Should exchange contracts in 6 weeks, so exciting!!
  12. Seems to be a running theme that TW are tight with the extras they offer. Don't get me wrong, I knew they wouldn't include everything but to not include things like flooring as standard just took me back a little. When I'm potentially going to be spending almost 300K on a house, I would have liked them to try and compete for my business a little more or at least make me feel like they wanted it in the first place. We spoke to two different TW sales ladies and neither were overly friendly or particularly interested in trying for a possible sale. Off to Harron Homes today at Waverley to compare their customer service/incentives.
  13. Did you have to ask with Harron or were they quite willing to give you all that without much persuasion?
  14. Hi all, My partner and I are looking to move house and have found a house we like through Taylor Wimpey. We went today to look at the show home and ask about what was included as standard etc, we were a little shocked to discover hardly anything was included (no flooring, no curtains/blinds, only half tiling, no white goods in kitchen apart from the oven). The sales lady wasn't pushy at all and didn't seem in a hurry to try and sell us one of her homes, she also was very cagey about the cost of extras and said you would only get to see these once you had reserved. Has anyone who has bought a TW home managed to negotiate on any incentives? I've read some older posts on forums where people have managed to get x amount of cash given towards extras, stamp duty paid/legal fees etc, just wondering if it is worth trying to negotiate or if it's a lost cause. If anyone has a recent list of extras costs that would be appreciated too! Thanks in advance.
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