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  1. You should deposit at the Post Office or the machine in the Sheffield branch if possible, the money goes in straight away and all you need to do is pop in your card. The deposit machines at Meadowhall are absolutely ancient and get processed by staff manually, not straight away.
  2. False story: https://twitter.com/SCSupertram/status/1067846376321662976?s=19
  3. Have you tried adding the printer manually in Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Add Printer? If it doesn't find anything you may need to click "The printer I want isn't listed", select "Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings" and then select the port (probably something like USB001) and the printer model manually.
  4. It is very poor particularly around the climbing centre/sorting office - some nasty potholes opened up recently and the council have filled them in very badly. It was due to be done at the same time as surrounding roads like Aukley Road a few months back, but for whatever reason it didn't happen. The council have removed the map on the website showing completion dates for roads, since it only went up to 2017, so who knows when they plan to do it! It's not the easiest road to navigate at any time but parking does seem to be getting worse recently as well, making it hard to safely get down the road because of the limited visibility ahead in places.
  5. Could you explain a bit more about HP basic mode - for example, you mention there are shortcuts for setup. What does this setup do? It'd also be interesting to know if anything happens when you press CTRL+ALT+DELETE. If anything does happen, see if Task Manager is an option and open it. Then in Task Manager, click File > Run, type explorer in the run bar, and press enter. Does anything happen?
  6. The car dealership on Archer Road isn't Gilder, it's Stoneacre. I think the only other place Gilder have in Sheffield is at Banner Cross - it was closed for years after the VW dealership franchise they used to have moved to Woodseats but recently reopened as a premium car dealership. Perhaps they have moved it there?
  7. It sounds like as you say, Mail has been putting emails in folders but this does not carry over to the email account itself. I've not done this, but it looks like you can export a mailbox from Apple's Mail app: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH19174?locale=en_US But it exports them in MBOX format, a format not supported by Outlook. You can convert them but there is no free option. Alternatively, you could install an alternative email client like Thunderbird which does support MBOX files.
  8. Agreed - what's odd is that those markings on the roundabout aren't just confusing, they're completely contradictory to the road markings on the approach. They definitely indicate that the left hand lane is designed for turning left only and not for going straight ahead. Before 2012 the road markings on the roundabout were different, and did indicate that the left hand lane allowed the driver to go straight ahead. On that basis I think it was an intentional change in 2012 and somehow the road markings on the approach have never been updated to reflect this. I think there's shared blame, the white car was correct to follow the road markings on the approach but should have also seen the road markings on the roundabout were different and followed the lane as directed on the roundabout. The black car made the opposite (perhaps worse) mistake in following the roundabout markings but not placing themselves in the correct lane on the approach.
  9. On Street View you can see the road markings on the corner itself were altered around 2012 - before then, the markings made it clear that only the left hand lane could be used for the two lanes of dual carriageway down to the M1N/Rotherham. After that (ie now) the road markings on the corner indicate the central lane can also be used to turn left towards M1N/Rotherham, as well as go straight ahead. It looks like the road markings at the traffic lights weren't updated accordingly which is what probably caused the accident. The left hand lane should be marked as for M1N/Rotherham only and not for going straight ahead - simple as that. I think it's hard to say who is responsible, neither were very good at checking their surroundings. Personally I think the white car should have identified the road markings not allowing them to go straight ahead, even if they chose that lane correctly at the traffic lights based on the incorrect road markings there.
  10. Sainsbury's petrol stations do it for free and so do Morrisons if you fill up over £30.
  11. You could try the same guidance but without the USB adapter if you don't have one. All that's doing is providing an alternative way of connecting the same thing via parallel.
  12. Looking at the standard specifications it should run Windows 7, or even Windows 10 but it's going to be pretty slow owing to the CPU and onboard graphics. Drivers might not be available but Windows usually has drivers for older hardware built in.
  13. Try browsing to Device Manager (you can search it in the Start menu), find the Ports section, then locate the LPT1 port. Right click on it and select Disable. Then, right click it and select Enable. Try printing again and see how it goes. If it does work after that, it's actually a bug in Windows 10. Very few people use this port for printing these days - it's not been standard on printers for about 16 years and you won't find the port itself on many new PCs, if any. There is something you can do you make it work more permanently but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!
  14. Actually Stagecoach have had their machines now for about nine years - First have had theirs about five. The Stagecoach machines were never designed with contactless payment in mind, but according to this article the Almex machines that First use do support contactless payment - and indeed, it should have been available by the end of 2012! I assume there is some sort of technical or financial reason why First haven't implemented it yet - they were still putting the same ticket machines into depots last year so I assume they intend to stick with them for some time longer. It's a shame because contactless payment is very much a mainstream thing these days and I think it would make the lives of passengers and drivers a lot easier. Not enough is done on the smartcard front either. First and Stagecoach have their own but they aren't that popular or well marketed, and if you use a route run by two operators it's pretty useless. There is the TravelMaster card but you have to faff around to get one and faff around to top it up - if it could automatically renew every week/month that would be a lot better. As for change - I really think it's time to implement an exact-change only policy - I think it would force/encourage a lot of the people who expect unreasonable amounts of change to be available to actually use the smartcards instead.
  15. Goodness me, you do use some old technology. That printer was discontinued nearly 20 years ago Presumably it is connected via a parallel port? If you're not sure what I mean this is the pink/purple long and narrow 25-pin connector on the back of your PC.
  16. It's a challenging road/area to drive on at the best of times but there really is some atrocious driving and parking up and down there. It's a narrow road in parts, especially under the bridge, and instead of being careful (because of the limited visibility ahead) and keeping to their side of the road where possible, people just drive straight down the middle of the road at 30mph without looking at or thinking about what's ahead, and then seem surprised when they block up the road or nearly cause a crash. The inconsiderate parking only makes the visibility, and the ability to get past, even worse. It's a shame there isn't an easier way to create a safe parking area (or areas) for the surrounding businesses on some of the spare land along the road - sadly I don't think anyone would want to foot the bill. The roads are in a absolutely dire state as well, not just on Little London Road but the surrounding areas too - Smithy Wood Road is probably the worst surfaced road I have ever come across, years of poor quality repairs are to blame for that. It's all well and good reporting potholes (and I do) but when they repair them to such a poor standard it seems fairly pointless. The same ones reappear again and again because the repair was done badly. It's gotten to the point where me and many other drivers have to manoeuvre around the pretty severe dips and holes in the road to avoid damaging our cars. I really hope Amey resurface it soon - I do sometimes wonder why their schedule doesn't take the very worst roads into consideration for priority treatment.
  17. It can't have been profitable if the Co-op wanted rid really, I'm not sure how Budgens thought they would do better with higher prices on lower quality goods. That said I think something is going off on that row of shops, construction work on the new Co-operative Bank going into the old Pansonic store has stopped and the ATM they put in has been taken back out.
  18. That's right, most of them were made late 80s/very early 90s. They are many many years past their sell by date.
  19. Except you're not permitted to, and there are ANPR cameras monitoring the car park. I empathise with those going to the arena but it's very frustrating if you've paid for something at Centertainment (like cinema tickets or bowling) and you risk missing it because people who aren't even going there have filled the car park.
  20. If it's Windows 10 try this: - Right click on the Start icon in the bottom left hand corner and select "Command Prompt (Admin) - Click Yes at the prompt that appears - Type in the following and press enter: netsh winsock reset catalog - Then type in this and press enter: netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log Once you've done that, close the window and restart the computer. Hopefully you will have working internet again. As said previously, a Windows update has caused this known problem and this is possibly the easiest way to fix it if you can't get onto the internet from the computer.
  21. The main cause of traffic around there (at least towards Sheffield) is simple, and they've done a bunch of work that completely fails to address it. The bus stop accommodates one bus but it's a waiting point on the timetables and there's lots of buses that go past. So buses try and park behind the waiting bus, blocking the access either to one or both lanes, so Blackstock Road and Gleadless Road outside Newfield Green end up chockablock. Not just that but any buses heading to East Bank Road have to pull into the second lane and there's not enough room for the bus to move into the correct lane without blocking the other if traffic lights are red. Net result = horrible traffic at peak times. All they've done is give the buses a shortcut to block the road. If they'd put a bus stop on the corner of Blackstock Road in the new lane they've built, and moved the bus stop outside the medical centre further back, I think that would have helped a lot.
  22. Once again - they've not going to be able put the usual Christmas lights and decorations in while they're refurbishing the whole place, especially while they're removing and replacing all the cladding above the shops, replacing the windows in the roof and installing new light fittings and other bits like they are at the moment. Hence the low key Christmas decorations this year.
  23. They can't put up a full set of lights and decorations during a major refurbishment of the entire mall, it's just not practical. I'm sure they'll be back to normal next year when everything is done.
  24. The Central Library building is historic so it'd be a shame to see the library close, but I don't think it's a bad thing for it to be converted into a hotel when you think about the jobs and money it should bring to Sheffield. It sounds like the council want rid anyway, describing it as not fit for purpose, so better for it to become something useful than sit there empty. I do hope the Central Library can move somewhere equally nice if it does move away though.
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