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  1. What does this even mean!!! if your cats have survived then lucky you!
  2. Like i have said a cat that has a home and is fed would not eat rats or mice they don't go near rats and they don't eat mice they catch them, torment them, play with them and kill them but not eat them, only Feral cats do this. It would take much more to kill a cat than a mouse or Rat
  3. A cat that has a home and is fed do not eat mice they catch em play with em and kill em but they don't eat em. Only Feral cats eat mice. If a mouse had eaten poison they wouldn't be around long enough for a cat to then come along to catch em and then kill to then pass it onto the cat. It was a vet that confirmed it!!
  4. There's no Rat problems in our area and i don't torture or kill animals so what are you talking about
  5. There's no Rat problems round our area and cats don't go near Rats
  6. There's no Rat problems around here! the only rat is the person who did it
  7. Oh but its ok to kill them is it? your unbelievable
  8. Please be aware Someone in the S20 area is a cat killer Our cat was killed with RAT POISON It kills very slowly and cruely If your cat suddenly stops eating for 2-3 days take it straightaway to the vets and tell the vet RAT POISONED The next symptoms are very weak and wobbly "TIME IS RUNNING OUT NOW" Don't let your cat go through what ours went through And don't go through what were going through now.
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