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  1. NUCAD

    Rehearsal Rooms Available

    Email bandrooms@nucad.com with enquiries or text on number above
  2. NUCAD

    Rehearsal Rooms Available

    Have a small one available now beyond that I can put you on list when something comes up. Current 1 is a smaller a spa e hence just £110 pcm plus electric.
  3. NUCAD

    Sinclair retro spectrum computer

    hehe i got one of those. I guess its only gonna go up in price. still got amiga512, dreamcast and megadrive too. Probs never use em but i guess as they all get rarer they will increase in value until one day we part ways.
  4. NUCAD

    Band looking for rehearsal room

    Currently have 1 or maybe 2 to rent if I can clear some space. Email bandrooms@nucad.com with requirements.
  5. NUCAD

    Rehearsal Rooms Available

    Band practise room available larger size. Established over 10 years. Email bandrooms@nucad.com for details. Also Daily/weekend Event spaces to hire see www.theportalsheffield.co.uk
  6. NUCAD

    Any Dungeons & Dragons players?

    It depends on many factors like qty of people involved, length of time, number of events and their regularity. We aim to be very competitive and to help get new groups going by keeping associated costs down. We have several sizes of space available. send details of your requirements to enquiries@theportalsheffield.co.uk
  7. NUCAD

    Any Dungeons & Dragons players?

    Woukd you be interested in running these new groups at the new gaming venue http://www.theportalsheffield.co.uk get in touch. Free trial avaliable for new groups
  8. NUCAD

    Garden pond comet fish free to a good home

    I have a pond with an existing collection of re-homed as well as my own fish. If you dont find a suitable home i can collect them Monday. PM me address and a phone number.
  9. NUCAD

    ~60 Player LAN Party - June 27th-29th

    Thinking about a sports themed event. Anyone up for A Fifa tournament on PS or xbox or even both with maybe some table football and some football on the projector. £25 entry with a minimum of £10 per ticket into the prize fund. email interest to football@theportalsheffield.co.uk Please include your platform and game choices. If theres enough interest will make some arrangements. Dont forget we have LANOPS 15 LAN PARTY in just over a weeks time at The Portal. Friday 27th June 4pm through to Sunday 29th June 6pm. Reduced price entry as its the first event and a rare chance to come and spectate for FREE and see what its all about.
  10. Dont sit on the fence thinking about it book your seat come on down and join in at the first LAN Game / Party at 'The Portal'. It promises to be a great weekend and a great opportunity for the Gaming community to take advantage of the new facilities and get some Lan & Tabletop gaming sessions organised. Especially smaller regular groups in the smaller rooms The Portal Can Host a 3rd Party Lan with room only or if you have the players and the ideas but not the kit required then 'The Portal' can manage the project for you to just turn up and play. The next event will be a sports weekend to coincide with the world cup. We are looking for some partners to team up with to host this. contact The Portal team to discuss any ideas or if you want to get involved. See you there
  11. NUCAD

    Gaming events around the country

    Lanops are running an event at 'The Portal' in Sheffield starting Friday june 27th. See here www.theportalsheffield.co.uk for venue details and the link to book your seat and join in the fun.
  12. NUCAD

    New events venue..

    From 200 to around 1700 sq ft spaces for various events.
  13. NUCAD

    New events venue..

    Hi Bookings and viewing for potential clients can be arranged directly via enquiries@theportalsheffield.co.uk Regards Carl - Proprietor 'The Portal' http://www.theportalsheffield.co.uk
  14. The first major lan event is currently booked in for Friday 27th to Sunday 29th June and will be hosted by Lanops for bookings visit http://www.lanops.co.uk this will also be one of the rare occasions when spectators are going to be allowed Into one of these events free. Please note there are limited spectator spaces so would still suggest you arrange this with lanops team or with 'The Portal' to arrange entry the portal team can be reached on events@theportalsheffield.co.uk bookings are now being taken for all events on a first come first served basis for lanpartys, tabletop gaming, band rehearsals or private events any other events that can fit in the space.
  15. NUCAD

    We have got our own plot!

    I can sort you out a deal on some veg seeds cheap they are out of date but as any avid gardener will tell you it doesnt realy matter (for the vast majority of products) you might not get as high a yield but at 10p pack instead of 79p to 4.49pack if your worried just double the planting level. I can do you a mixed set of 100 packs for £8 bargain !!

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