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  1. If only Northern were owned by a company as good as Arriva...😉
  2. Selective blindness? As in the amount of car drivers that go through red lights that you seem to be conveniently ignoring? Try using the park square roundabout every day and you’ll see what I mean. ---------- Post added 29-08-2018 at 08:31 ---------- How many people have been killed by car drivers since the Alliston case? Why no outrage? Put DOCUMENTED in capitals and that’ll make it look more convincing eh?. How about the actual FACT that 99.4% of road deaths are caused by motor vehicles? Now I’m sure even your skewed view can’t argue with the FACT that that number is almost all of them, so maybe the government ought to concentrate on preventing the hundreds of deaths per year caused by motor vehicles, rather than the one or two caused by bicycles? Some facts for you here. https://www.cyclinguk.org/campaigning/views-and-briefings/pedestrians In 2016, 43 pedestrians died whilst walking on footpaths. Not one of those deaths was caused by a bicycle. From 2007-2016, not one person was killed by a red light jumping cyclist. 5 people were killed by red light jumping motorists. Common sense says that powered vehicles travelling at speed are always going to be infinitely more dangerous than a bicycle. But people in the UK have such an obsession with cars that it’s ignored in favour of trying to win a few votes. I’m both a driver and a cyclist, and I know which one has the potential to cause more damage. I’ve just come back from two weeks in France, where drivers displayed none of the attitude and aggressiveness towards bikes of those in the UK. It’s a shame there are so many knuckle dragging, low intelligence morons here that are so easily influenced by made up garbage they see on FaceBook.
  3. [/color] This was on the path behind Park Academy right next to the Parkway though! I see tons of them when cycling out towards the Peaks and that end of Sheffield, but I’ve been cycling to work from Shirebrook Valley to the City Centre early in the morning for a few years and never seen one anywhere on the route before.
  4. A knock on the door asking why people have stolen, vandalised bikes sat in their gardens would be a start though.
  5. The Trans Pennine Trail is also an option from the South East of the city. I live in Hackenthorpe and cycle the 6.3 miles to the city centre in 30 minutes. It’s faster than the bus at any time of day, and certainly as quick or quicker than a car at rush hour.
  6. So I know there are lots of deer on the edge of the Peak District, but last week I was cycling to work on on the Trans Pennine Trail, rode onto the section behind Park Academy on Lower Manor and a fully grown Roe deer was stood on the path right in front of me! Has anyone else spotted any in this area of Sheffield?
  7. I see several every day in gardens on the manor, some in the flats, and some thrown by the side of the trans Pennine. All with the locks smashed off.
  8. I never saw anyone complaining when virtually all the mature trees on the Manor were cut down a couple of years ago.
  9. What are the main roads like? We’re in Milton Keynes and need to get home later, hopefully it’ll be ok as we’re in Hackenthorpe so it’ll be J31/A57/Moss Way.
  10. It's about 7 miles, or 10 minutes by car. It's also in Sheffield.
  11. Yep, you can park in any cycle lane with a broken white line rather than a solid one. That's how seriously the UK take cycling infrastructure. I ride home from the city centre most days. Yesterday I had to ride around several people walking in the bike lane on sheaf street towards park square (the pedestrian lane is 2 feet to the left). Then coming under the parkway and around Pinnacles there was a car parked up on the pavement, completely blocking the bike lane. Then there were more pedestrians walking in the bike section of the path up Broad Street. Then a car completely blocking access to the dropped kerb cycle path at the top of Maltravers Road.
  12. Firstly, 'road tax' is emissions linked, and therefore cyclists pay the same as electric cars, which is zero. We also cause no damage to the roads, unlike electric cars, and again the owners of which pay zero 'road tax'. Secondly, I own two cars and pay over £400 per year in 'road tax'. How much do you pay? Thirdly, I don't want more bike lanes. What I want is for people to recognise that the cyclist in front of them is a human being. A father, a son, a daughter, a mother. Not an obstruction to be bullied, abused and skimmed past with a foot to spare because you can't wait 5 seconds - despite queuing up for absolutely everything else in your life without complaint - rush hour traffic, parking spaces, shops, restaurants etc etc.
  13. I drive to work down the parkway at 5am, and at the roundabout regularly have taxi drivers in either the outside or inside lane cut across me into the City/Ponds Forge lane and they never indicate. Its very very common to see people cut up there at any time of day, almost always by people in the second lane (A61s) driving straight across into the City lane. The same happens at the bottom of Broad Street.
  14. There's two outside my house you can have for free, I had some flooring delivered on them a while ago.
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