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  1. Thanks for you replay. There is simple fire sheet/log, you have tick yourself out after work or tick yourself in using a pen..We have a clocking machines, so you have to swipe yourself in (all departments) or out, breaks as well..Main entrance doors, dont have anything..simple doór, actually at the moment, i heard that they gonna fit in "swipe door", where gonna be used cards to open them on way out or in..And we have a bar, on a way out of a companies site, we have to swipe with card, to open that barrier if you driving a car..Im not with union, i will be going back to work on monday, so will be posting news here, we will see what happening..It was my fail, with no excuse.. When fire alarms goes on, everyone leaves building, and goes to the fire assembly points..team leader gets departments fire log, and reads out names loud, to double check if everyone is here who was working at that time...
  2. Hello everyone, yesterday at work, i got myself into very stupid situation.. At work, on a break time, i had a lunch ~5 pm,back to work.. after some time, in some 45min i felt very bad, thought gonna throw up, massive headache, so bad..went to car park, usual i keep some pills there..i was unable to find any there, automatically i started my car, driven to nearest petrol station, it's ~2min one way (in total i been out for max 10min), sometime i saw that they sell pills there..there wasn't anything good enough to buy..i comeback to site..fire alarm is on, everyone outside, just me missing, because i never signed out fire log and i didnt told anyone that im leaving somewhere..everything happened automatically, wasnt thinking straight about things like fire log, because medical condition at the moment..My team leader said, that i have a meeting at 9pm, i told him that i not feeling good, and im leaving now home..he said that we have to do my explanation where i been, during firealarm (in writing) ..i tried to explain everything what was going on, and where i been..We done that, and i gone home..Night was even worse..in a morning, i went to see my doctor, diagnosis poisoned myself with food, and some sort infection..doctor gave me a note for work & insist me to stay home, look after myself, for a few days, wrote prescription for some pills.,monday i will have to go see him again..I passed doctors note to my employer trough my colleague at work. I understand that i done some thins wrong, but it wasn't done in purpose to brake house rules for no reason..Now is better, at least i can eat now My work colleague texted me, that there is a private letter for me..probably im suspended, dont have this letter at the moment in my hands..I can see where everything is going, it's gonna be ugly, so i want to ready myself (with all your help) good as i can, to defend myself in this case..I work at that place, almost 3 years, full time permanent, i never had any warnings or disciplinary in a past..nothing. Please people, advice me. Sorry for mistakes & thanks in advance.
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