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  1. Im 31 TODAY!! i left in 1994. I havent lived in Sheffield full time since Oct 1994. I do visit one off but i dont recognise anyone. No one seems to know anyone from those days.
  2. No, i just asked this Somalian, why he was always awash with these receipts and cash, when he was supposed to have been disabled from the civil war. He told me the majority of Somalians, expecially those on benefits used transfer agencies to send money home. The Pakistani, is always bugging me to give him a life to Manchester, he told me because lots of people from his village called Mirpur in Pakistan, fly PIA, so he can use these couriers to hand over cash at the other end. Why would these two have a problem discussing this with me?? What has the BNP got to do with it? I know you are black and from a criminal background but it looks like you really have got your wires twisted.
  3. What if we win --- unlike the majority of people like you on this forum. I have had the opportunity to see this lady's Home Office file. Your "facts" are made up and have no evidential basis. Stop making things up, you clearly do not know about.
  4. For those quoting Roger Blades, i recently saw him in 2005, when the big athletics meeting comes to DOn Valley Stadium, he was taking measurements for the triple jump i think it was, or the long jump, depending which way he was facing.
  5. there is another related thread, but most of it is from people in the 60-80s
  6. What happened to Park House, Bawtry Road, Tinsley. All i know was that it was going to close in 1995, but since nothing, no website, nothing on facebook. There must have been people who were there in its final days???
  7. RUBBISH - most immigrants dont contribute, most of them send money home. My Somali neighbour as soon as she gets his dole, sends money through Dahabshiil to Mogadishu. My pakistani neighbour drives to Manchester where a "freind" who is about to board a PIA flight, takes the money for him. Most immgrants pay the most basic of tax. Nothing extra. Our income tax is increased because we spend untold millions on housing and feeding failed asylum seekers, and those who have lied and deceived to enter. If you are a law abiding Sheffielder you are less likely to be given a council house than an illegal immigrant with a **** and bull story about being beaten up by Robert Mugabe. That is the real financial picture. Not one made up by the Joe Taylor political spin machine.
  8. Who said this womans safety is guaranteed in Sheffield??? People in Sheffield need to decide whether their own financial status during a recession is more important than some black womans political beef. Nobody in Sheffield made her family join the MDC. Its is her problem. I hope Sheffield people to do everything to get this woman removed. If not then give her hell here. She has no right to be in this city. If Mugabe has the right to mistreat her, then so should we. Councillor Joe Taylor is obviously after publicity which is why he is sticking his neck, Joe Taylor thinks people with no jobs and struggling to pay mortgages has no relevance compared to some illegal entrant, let him dig his own hole. The LibDems policy is an amnesty on illegal immigrants, so expect hundreds more to flood across.
  9. Of course it is not my problem. I am not a Zimbabwean, I am not an MDC thug, I am not a ZANU pf thug, I am not black or African. I pay my taxes to Sheffield city council to sort out stuff for Sheffield people, that is those who are born here and come to my city legitimately for work, study. I dont want illegal entrants here. It is a shame our elected leaders are more bothered about people from outside this country, no wonder the council has no money left. If you want to call it racism, then fine, that is not a problem. White people were kicked out of Zimbabwe, so the UK can kick out a black person, that is equality.
  10. Stop bleating like sheep. Nelson Mandela doesnt think there is anything wrong with Zimbabwe, neither does the EU. Robert Mugabe is no enemy of Sheffield. Our future enemies are these crooks who pretend to be involved in the MDC. If this lady dies at the hands of a black man, why is it a problem for me?? I want to exercise my human rights not to have a passport fiddler in my city, when thousands of law abiding impoverished Malawians cannot get to the UK to seek a better life.
  11. The reason why the word student has been mentioned, is to gain maximum sympathy. We cant have these reprobates beaten up. If he was from the Manor estate we wouldnt give a toss. As far as i am concerned, students need to behave more civilised, otherwise incidents will take place, where yobs find the students easy targets because of the way they behave and get away with it. Students should realise they dont own the city.
  12. How is Sheffield worse off? Is it not the case - Locals are too lazy to work, therefore mass migration from Eastern Europe was needed-this is what we have always been told. What is wrong with the Chancellor taking some of their wages before it gets sent back to Poland??? Is this the valuable contribution I always hear about?
  13. Pakistanis and Bangladeshis dont need to pretend to be Indian. They are Indian. In 1946 all three were one country. The seperate nations were created by politicians on religion and language grounds. A lot of Sheffield Bangladeshis are from Sylhet province, which until 1971 was inside the border of India but annexed to Pakistan as East Pakistan. Many Sheffielders would regard themselves as British even though we are actually EU nationals answerable to Brussels. We pretend to be British, as if it were an independent state controlling its own affairs. Same thing applies.
  14. What are you on about- where did you get "improving public transport" 1. Sheffield Supertram was supposed to be the answer to all the congestion problems 2. Buses were de-centralised in the 80s in order to allow private companies to run services at a profit. 3. Bus lanes- such as that on Chesterfield Road, were laid at the taxpayers expense on behalf of the private bus companies. 4. The one way system was created as a measure to free up traffic flow through the system. 5. The Wicker is/was a major road- the busgate and road diversion was planned in 1995/96, yet it was not ready until 2008. The money for potholes and street lighting has already been used, even though central government has been asked for more money. You are deluded if you think in 2008 Sheffield Council have any interest in traffic/environmental issues. The main purpose of being in a council is to maximise revenue. The council is a business not an arm of government, why do you think they have a Chief Executive?
  15. Westfield is in the Mosborough "area". Westfield School had some really sexy women pupils in the 1990s.
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