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  1. Yes Andres 68 I had a dexa scan last week I have some osteoporosis and am going back next week to the bone clinin but it's Rotherham.I can't do exercise as I have a neoro disability but I may need some pills or something.my dexa scan was a routine check for over 50s every two years.
  2. My friend started with it at 39 when her periods were stopping and she is bow about 70.But she has had some pain but it is controlled by painkillers.She is active enough shopping etc. so it hasn't been too bad for her.I think some women take hrt for osteporosis but i don't know for sure.I have it some but not in a lot of pain.I do fall sometimes...clumsy...but my bones don't break easily i am 59.
  3. Yes I was at kimmy 4 years and i left in1969.Paul botham went to old hall he is my son's mate.
  4. Ulyseas..can't spell Ulysees..
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