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  1. Hello Ted Heath, thanks for that , I remember Ken Slack better , bought an MGB from Ken in 1969 , and used to have a drink with him and his girlfriend at the time , her name cant just remember.
  2. Is this the Gerry Mullen who was a car dealer at some time around 1969 and ran a Jenson Intercepter ?
  3. Bullerboy, you may not have been in contact with Ron unless you went in the stores , where he looked after that dept. Colin Eyre a good man , and fair to a young person changing his cars , I think about 5 inside 18 months , until I bought a late model Mk 2 Zephyr 6 1962 in 1964 , which I had for 3 years , and it was brilliant. There was a sales man. but dont recall his name around this time.
  4. I bought 4 or 5 cars from Colin Eyre , and always enjoyed a good relationship with Colin Eyre. A chap who worked there I know through my mother was Ron Bingham , who introduced me to them. Did you come across Ron ?
  5. Bullerboy with your association with garages in the Hillsborough areas, did you come across Colin Eyre at Owlerton Green Garage in the 60's ?
  6. Some of the UK population are unaware of the Propaganda banded out over the years by our Governments .The UK is the Propaganda capital of the world and the privileged few have profiteered from this rhetoric and stashed their gains in offshore safe tax havens. Many American States have campaigned for Independence for years , but their demands have been squashed and hidden . If America lost its States guise, they would lose its warmongering status in world affairs.
  7. To clarify the position on the Steel import tax imposed on any steel purchase from China , the issuing body of the tax levy ie the unelected Bureaucratic EU Commissioners , will benefit from this tax and not the British Government or we the general public. However in the case of America imposing a 266% tax on steel imports to their country , the Government will benefit and America in general. The visit and rhetoric spouted by Obama has no place in our British affairs, and he should get back home and guide his own country in making it happier for his vast underpriveleged population.
  8. It struck me could be back to the 1920's , but under different terminology What would sexual activity be called in the 20's ? Drugs were around, cocaine , opium, cigarettes and booze could be classed as drugs. Also The Charlston could be interpreted as being a rock n roll dance maybe the first type of dance where you dance without holding a partner ? What do ya think ? Maybe different ways of expressing the same.
  9. Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll, each generation claims the credit, but who did
  10. This Government or any other party in power will not be allowed to subsidize or buy out our Steel industry. They can however waste some £9 million of our tax payers money on leaflets for distribution round the UK to encourage us to stay in the bottomless money pit of the EU. Disgraceful !!. They also have admitted an over spend on Overseas Aid by £170 million above the almost £15 billion we given away. Yet we are not allowed to save own few remaining manufacturing jobs in the Steel Industry. Certainly is nearly Sheffield RIP ---------- Post added 08-04-2016 at 15:22 ---------- Further to JFK/Nixon doubts, can point you in a direction for clarification. Generally the EU claims all ownership and control of members land , under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty. You may get further evidence from Ian R.Crane : http://www.iancrane.com/ Get Out of Debt Free: http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org/ In brief: http://www.inbrief.co.uk/land-law/land-ownership.htm, Not sure how they get round Fracking , must be a loophole ? Hope this will provide further evidence
  11. Victormh , brilliant , a great contribution to this thread. I too experienced similar problem and terminated manufacturing chemical products in 2002 , and just continued with Consultancy. The UK market had been starved of business by competition from China and that included its Finishing products. You are quite right the rot maybe started soon after Blair took over as P.M. I had every intention of upping sticks and transferring to Russia ,a country which is not the enemy, as our leaders tell us , which is an economy which is sustainable. A few health problems over last few years prevented the move, and of course the language was an obstacle. The main enemy of this country is Saudi Arabia, Israel and somewhat America. ---------- Post added 06-04-2016 at 13:54 ---------- Measures just imposed by EU Bureaucratic Commissioners , to install an Import Tax of 24% is a pittance of an action to curb steel imports from China , whereas America imposed its Tax months ago at 266% a more favourable deterrent to cheap steel imports. It shows we have no control over our destiny , Government intervention and subsidies not allowed under EU Dictat. Since a majority of component parts for cars etc are imported especially from Japan they may avoid any import tax on finished products. An example is one of our prime British companies ie JCB , where some 80% of the components in their Diggers are imported . If we were allowed to manufacture a portion of component parts for cars and the like in the UK thousands of jobs would be created. ---------- Post added 06-04-2016 at 20:25 ---------- This again shows the lack of confidence and distrust that British entrepreneurs have in the Uk Governments over the years in their attitude to investment. Investors in the UK are hounded for taxes, legislation and Union activity and no longer would trust their money in British industry. We see the only interested party, another Indian , in our Steel plants not prepared to risk his capital in such a venture.
  12. Picking up on the comment by Crookedspire on Cameron , where a fall is imminent , could be sooner than we think with the revelations of fraudulent and underhand dealings in Panama by his father. These double dealings are the norm with the well heeled and no doubt would have financed his Eton education and the Bullington Club. So maybe a resignation is imminent , similar to the quick exit of the plonker William Hague , Foreign Secretary , with his lobbying for Fracking to be widespread. Coincidental that Hague is a director of a Doncaster based engineering company who specialise in seals which could be used in Fracking production. The whole system of Government needs a complete overhaul to eliminate this form of lobbying for personal gain.
  13. All I can say to you at this time is the Commisioners want you to believe all their rhetoric to be true, that the EU is a democratic authority designed to look after our interests. You are being deluded and many are waking up to this fact that is not the case. Their aim is a United States of Europe .
  14. In response to JFKvNixon ,the main laws surrounding the EU are compiled by the unelected bureaucratic Commisioners, and maybe the subsidiary laws are formulated by MEP,s and sanctioned by the Commisioners, such as the bendiness of the banana or the cost in our shops of cider etc. We in this country have been deluded and the true extent of the powers of this conglomerate have been underestimated. Populations in the rest of Europe are also waking up to the fact that we have not been told the true extent of their powers and intentions.
  15. The structure and laws were formed from the commissioners. There is no doubt the unelected bureaucratic commissioners of the EU will ensure the UK does not regain its Industrial status and no way would they allow the UK Parliament to Nationalise the Steel industry or any other vital resource.
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