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  1. Thank you Dave, that would be brilliant. It's my son who is actually interested in the history. (see posts below from Parrapaul). I look forward to hearing from you
  2. Thank You Lucky Yorkie, do have any information about the family ie, who it was that the F Paramore was, has the company now folded etc.. Any information would be apprciated Thanks again Maggie
  3. Hi I am unsure where they played, so any information is much appreciated Thank you
  4. Thank you for that information, if possible I would like information from the earlier days of the football team and the family that owned the company. Many thanks for you help Maggie
  5. I did some family research and also found a few of my family in one grave along with other unknown people. I was told that this happened when families couldn't afford their own grave, so they were put in a grave with other people, but if they could then family were often tried to be put together if there was room for them in the grave at the time. I was told it was a poapers grave.
  6. Thanks to all your posts, I am lookinf for who the F Paramore was and the sons, They started a works league football club up which progressed up the ladder and this is the information I am trying to find, so if anyone can help with any information it would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you
  7. Paramores was in Chapeltown, near the centre. They made hand tools. I think they closed around 15 years ago but not sure. Do you know where I can find any information on the company and who F Parramore and his sons were?
  8. Hi I am trying to find as much information as possible about a company called F Parramore & Sons, I think it was formed in 1924 at Smith Street, Sheffield S35 1WQ. If anyone has any information on this regarding family, F Parramore and his sons it would be much appreciated. Many thanks Maggie
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