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  1. By one power mad egotiscal paedophile whereas the Old Testament was a way of life and the laws that evolved spanning over a thousand years. People today interpret the koron as Mohamed wrote it hence ther disgusting act in Tunisia. This is how many (far more than is admitted) UK Muslims would have the UK become. Women being shot in the middle of Sheff Wed football pitch on Saturday afternoons for being educated/wearing a Bra/ going out on their own. Let the barbarism this poor person was victim of be a warning
  2. Being baptised a Christian does not make what you do a Christian act. No doubt the Yorkshire Ripper was baptised a Christian but did he murder in the name of Christianity? I think on German soldiers belt buckles were the words when translated were something like "God be with us" would that make it that they were acting in the name of Christianity? Whereras when Muslims carry out an attrocity they cry out to Allah
  3. I fully agree, but the point I'm making is that Christianity went against the old ways. Remember when they tried to trick Jesus over the woman due to be stoned under Jewish law. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" He also went against many other Jewish beliefs ie "An eye for an eye".
  4. Oh yes of course the reason Hitler slaughtered millions of jews was because they slaughtered millions of Kurds, Marsh Arabs, Iranians, Kuwaitis etc. There were mass graves all over Europe full of bodies all slaughterd by the Jews. You are pathetic.
  5. I wish they'd offered us £500 per week to look after our late M-in-Law instead of the £40 they would have paid.
  6. I can just imagine the modern translation of how and when to beat your. Bradford version of the Koran. "If your supper isn't on the table when you come in from the pub you are allowed give your wife a thick ear"
  7. Originally Posted by LeMaquis I suggest you wear a Rangers shirt and walk down the Falls Road to get an understanding of religious tolerance in the west. Don't worry, 'any port in a storm' when you post anything critical of Muslims. Wonder if LeMaquis can name any Catholic/Protestant leader who sanctioned it with promises of martyrdom and umpteen virgins to all participants (wonder what female mulsims are promised)
  8. What a load of rubbish! The Holocaust was not carried out in the name of Christianity, it was done by Hitlers nazis in the excuse to blame Jews for the poor financial state of Germany post WWI, nothing to with Christianity.
  9. To be quite honest the Old Testament has little in common with Christianity and the teachings of Jesus, that is why the Jewish religious leaders wanted rid of him. The Koran is much more recent and far more barbaric, Jesus never instructed anyone anywhere on how to beat their wife.
  10. You have to cater for the ethnic minorities Mahhn
  11. In what other of todays religions other than Islam do the leaders encourage their followers to go out and commit mass murder.
  12. Briliant post, no Jesus didn't act or preach this way and Christians don't carru out these acts in the name of their religion, only Muslims murder on a massive scale today in the name of their religion.
  13. At least most car drivers are qualified, taxed and insured.
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