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  1. I was looking for a vintage style 1950's prom dress to wear to my brother's wedding and came across this site which would be great for your bridesmaids dresses. http://www.tigermilly.com/
  2. I think a local blog is a fab idea. I think there needs to be a forum like this one for the Doncaster area too. I own a wedding accessories website so if you are looking for suppliers I'd be happy to help. Thanks
  3. Instead of looking at hotels why not look at local restaurants or even cafes that you could take over and have exclusive use of. You could decorate it how you like and create a dance floor area. Failing that just have it in your own back garden and do a BBQ or hire caterers. Like somebody has already said a hog roast is a great idea or how about afternoon tea or fish and chips. I know a fantastic lady who has a fab ice cream van in Doncaster which would also be ideal. If you'd like the details let me know. I also know a guy who has a mobile bar and serves real ales. I love the idea of a small garden wedding because you can party all night long if you want to. You could make the garden look so pretty with a gazebo, fairy lights and flowers etc. Weddings can still be beautiful on a budget and with a few guests. Good luck. xx
  4. As far as I am aware it is against Facebook rules to have a competition where you have to like or share a post. I have run competitions on my website and posted them on Facebook saying that it is no way associated with Facebook. I daren't do a 'like or share this post to win' competition after reading the rules. Many people don't the read the rules though and will probably never get caught but I have seen a couple of people who have been banned for a few days. I think people may get around it by saying this competition is not associated with Facebook or endorsed in any way by Facebook but I rarely see that.
  5. For a quirky venue where you can hire a room how about The Chimney House. http://www.thechimneyhouse.com/ For other more traditional venues there is Cutlers Hall, Whitley Hall, Wortley Hall, The Holiday Inn Royal Victoria plus others that other people have suggested. If you are just looking for a room to hire why not try the local pubs and clubs?
  6. For a chocolate fountain I would recommend Chocolate Steel if you haven't already booked one. http://www.chocolatesteel.co.uk/
  7. I have attended two fayres there and it is a lovely venue. I know someone who got married there and she said it was lovely and the food was lovely but that they didn't have a wedding co ordinator to bring everything together so perhaps that is the problem? The next time you have a meeting I would politely speak to them and tell them your concerns. You are paying a lot of money for your venue and you deserve to get a good service. From what I have seen I am sure that they would be disappointed to know that one of their brides wasn't happy. Just explain that you are concerned that as you never see the same person that the things that you want for the day won't be implemented and you would just like some reassurance. I am sure that you will have a fabulous day in the end.
  8. I would have a look at all of the regular wedding venues. Cutler's Hall, Wortley Hall, Whitley Hall, Holiday Inn Royal Victoria, Kenwood Hall, Chatsworth, Leopold hotel. I have attended a wedding at Whitley Hall and had stalls at wedding fayres at Wortley Hall and the Royal Victoria and they are all lovely.
  9. I can help with your hair accessories if you don't have those yet and / or a fascinator for your mum.
  10. If you are a Facebook user there is a fab page on there called 'Wedding Find It Buy It'. You will find lots of fab suppliers on there. You can post questions and ask for what you want and for what budget and suppliers will come to you. Facebook is great because lots of small businesses that can offer you great products and services at reasonable prices are on there. http://www.facebook.com/weddingfinditbuyit?fref=ts
  11. I have just come across a gorgeous page on Facebook today that has some gorgeous flower girl dresses although they are based in Middlesbrough and I can't find a website for them: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Phoenix-Boutique/574183872593700. Have you looked in the bridal stores, Debenhams, Monsoon, BHS and John Lewis? I have also just done a search on eBay for flower girl dresses with a blue sash and loads came up. Good luck.
  12. We got ours from Formal Affair - decent suits and reasonable prices. http://www.formalaffair.co.uk/
  13. They changed the laws regarding church weddings back in 2010 to make it easier for people so there are options now. I got married in 2009 and had to attend the church for 9 months before the wedding as it wasn't in our parish and no connection ( not one that could be used anyway ). http://www.yourchurchwedding.org/youre-welcome/more-churches-to-choose-from.aspx This is for church of England - catholic churches may be different I'm not sure. xx
  14. Waterton Park Hotel, Wakefield - http://www.watertonparkhotel.co.uk/ - beautiful although not so wheelchair friendly. Wortley Hall, Sheffield - http://www.wortleyhall.org.uk/ Whitley Hall, Sheffield - http://www.whitleyhall.com/ Nostell Priory - http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/nostell-priory/ Holiday Inn, Royal Victoria, Sheffield - http://www.holidayinnsheffield.co.uk/ Cusworth Hall, Doncaster - http://www.cusworthhall.co.uk/ Ye Olde Belle, Retford - http://www.yeoldebell-hotel.co.uk/ Tankersley Manor, Barnsley - http://www.tankersleymanorhotel.hotel-details.com/ Rogerthorpe Manor, Pontefract - http://www.bw-rogerthorpemanor.co.uk/ Wentbridge House - http://www.wentbridgehouse.co.uk/weddings/?gclid=CKWJs8iG97UCFVDMtAodVW4AWw Hodsock Priory - http://www.hodsockpriory.com/ A few ideas for you there - hope it helps. xxx
  15. You are only able to get married in certain churches anyway i.e. it has to be your parish church or there has to be a connection such as your parents married there or you lived in that parish for a certain number of years etc. Church fees can be quite expensive - there is a certain amount they ask for but some churches add to that. Some churches will just ask for a donation. You really need to speak to your local church and find out the rules and costs involved and explain the situation. xxx
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