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  1. Thanks, thats where we usually drop off but someone told me that taxis sometimes drop off at the bus picking up point.
  2. Can cars with a blue badge access sheffield interchange platforms to drop off coach travellers?
  3. Does anyone know of any vets offering discounts on cat vaccinations at the moment?
  4. Thanks for that information. I am specifically looking at Smelterwood Road - is that near the shops?
  5. Can anyone tell me what it is like living in Stradbroke now- any problem areas, troublespots etc? I have seen previous thread about problems with drunken gangs but is it a regular problem?
  6. We have 2 hedgehogs who visit every evening, sometimes as early as 9.00 pm if it is quiet in the garden. I leave a plate of food out every night and mix up some mealworms, chopped peanuts and meat flavoured cat biscuits. They are a joy to watch, scuttling about in and out of the hedge. You are right, I have 2 cats who take no notice of the hedgehogs, only to sneak a biscuit from the plate occasionally.
  7. I think your grandad was a lot older than my mum. She was born in 1925, when her mum was in her forties and was only 65 when she died. I know she used to look after her brother Ron's children when she was 7 or 8 but Ron was older than Cliff. I have one of two photos of my grandad and grandma - your great grandad - so if you let me know where to send them I can copy them for you along with a few other photos of Irene, Ron's daughter and anyone else who might be of interest to you.
  8. There were 3 kids in our family, me(Jan), Gill and Reg. My mum was Irene and was your grandad's sister. Your mum probably won't remember me as she was still very young when I last saw her. However, Kathleen, Marie and Julia were a similar age to me.
  9. Hi, just wondering what happened to your mum's other siblings - Christine, Louis, Julia, Kathleen and Marie. I last saw them when my grandma and grandad (John and Beattie) died sometime in the 60's. Helen, I would love to know also how Ron and Elsie and Ronald and Gordon are, if they are still alive. I think I read somewhere on here that Ron and Elsie live at Southey now.
  10. There used to be a family of Brookfields living in Hackenthorpe about 40 years ago - Ray and his wife and 2 children Keith and Lynne. They were neighbours of ours.
  11. I left Thornbridge in 1968 and haven't been to any reunions since. I spent most of my time there scared out of my wits and frantically trying to keep up in totally alien subjects - Latin, Trigonometry et al. I wish I had stayed on in the 6th form as it seemed to be a bit more relaxed then.
  12. Hi, is your dad Ronald or Gordon? (Young) Ron, as he was known, who must be about 80 now was my mums nephew and the last i heard of him he was living at Pitsmoor, although I understand he and Elsie don't live there any more. Ronald and Gordon were a little younger than me but we used to play together as kids when they visited us at Hackenthorpe and they were very good natured boys. I think Gordon joined the fire service.
  13. Update on the cats' night time wanderings - not much progress made I am afraid. Cats have been with us 10 days now and as soon as it is dark they want to be out and even if I let them in an hour later, they want to be out again almost immediately. We are fitting a cat flap to the shed door this weekend so that when they are out, they will have a refuge in bad weather. They never wander too far and usually come within a few minutes when I call them. There appears to be only one other cat in the neighbourhood and he is a big bruiser who roams at night so perhaps there are territorial issues. I still don't sleep very much when they are out but perhaps I am the one who needs training, not them! (Perhaps I will try the Bach Rescue Remedy)
  14. If you are in a company pension scheme be aware that working 30 hours per week instead of 37 hours can still be construed as full time. I have been working 4 days a week for the past three years only to find that my pension is now based on 30 hours instead of 37 and I will be out of pocket to the tune of a thousand pounds a year when I retire later this year. I have now reduced my hours to 29.6 to try and build up some pension fund again.
  15. I agree but it will be fascinating to watch anyway.
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