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  1. Both paper and electronic. We deal a lot with government offices and they do love their paper! Also the legal nature of some of my clients work is paper heavy. I dream of a paperless office!
  2. I always appreciate business people not needing an administrator I always make a point of understanding business! Ask your mum to answer your phone? Sort your mail. I’ve worked for directors on multi million pound organisations. Local authoroty’s in crisis, Administration done well is the mainstay of your business The last thing on your mind! Done properly it revolutionises your business! ---------- Post added 23-03-2018 at 21:18 ---------- I offer a fully rounded service. I make contacts a database. Friends a contact base. I organise files, offer a book keeping service, do all the jobs you don’t have time for or the jobs you spend hours on because it’s not your skill set, example: I work with a very passionate forward thinking community lawyer. She sends me organogram of working practice, I turn it into wheels in motion presentations. . ---------- Post added 23-03-2018 at 21:20 ---------- Don’t have a clue what she’s doing but boy can I make it look good!
  3. I prefer administrative consultant as most of the people I work with are brilliant in their field. I’m brilliant in administering their workload! ---------- Post added 22-03-2018 at 00:23 ---------- Also the a stands for assisting you with a task or multiple tasks! Not modern slavery! ---------- Post added 22-03-2018 at 00:30 ---------- An old friend and fabulous business partner once told me “you are part of the party or part of the problem” Mr Hardie I know already!
  4. Mr Hardie, you may be mistaken. You employ a builder because they lay bricks, or an accountant because they account, you employ a pa or va to manage you, your time, your meetings, your deadlines! Not to play the pipe for you at a reduced rate! I know my businesses inside out, but nobody pays me to run them, that would £600 per day! ---------- Post added 22-03-2018 at 00:07 ---------- You don’t employ me, I employ myself, I offer you a service. At the end of the day if somebody dies you require the services of a funeral director! Well we can all dig a damned hole! Say a prayer!
  5. Probably a little late in the day. I offer a VA service, It’s working out rather well! The problem I come across is people thinking they are my boss. Therefore trying to take advantage of my skill set. To employ a good PA would with on costs be around £30 per hour, so charging £30 per hr is a tad expensive but a realistic fee, To the gentleman who spent more time explaining what was expected! Clarity is useful, as a VA I cannot second guess you, we don’t work that closely! Hope you found somebody to help with your admin!
  6. Are you playing with the musicians TMT?
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