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  1. Charnock infants , very first teacher was miss curtains
  2. Was she the chairperson for swfc supporters club
  3. Remember dave very well, he did the town round , nickname was shmo , great guy and a massive blade ( though I never held it against him )
  4. Need to build some roads to get in to the place first,it’s gridlocked as it is
  5. Spilt a pint down this gorgeous girls brand new dress , she gave me a right round of f,s and b,s at alan dales disco 1968, we have been married 47 years this February
  6. Hi i am looking to buy a back pack weed killer, could anyone recommend a good but reasonably priced unit that actually does the job, mainlly for large areas and some industrial work also. Thanks in advance
  7. Is this jimmy,s brother ?,lived at gleadless town end in the seventies, jimmy was a good footballer played with him for various local teams
  8. Hi, was sure i asked the same question on here some years back ( cant find the post though ). Fished these ponds as a nipper back in the day and i am sure thy were known as the top, bottom and middle scalper ponds.and yes midland bank springs to mind as the previous owners, access was gained via ford bottom , turn right at the very bottom of ford road and straight on to the farm ( there was a pond there also , think owned by davy united. Turn left at the farm and walk to the first Pond ( bottom scalper ). Bear in mind this was 50 odd years ago so access has probably changed a few times. Used to love fishing these ponds although never saw owt big, just old fashioned wag and mag for owt that swam.beautiful surroundings and tranquil fishing. Let us know if you get to fish them , after all were all wednesday arnt we!
  9. I worked as a roundsman for express dairy ( norton ) in the seventies, great place to work and great people to work with. Would love to hear from any friends that remember some truly brilliant times.
  10. Not seen a caterpillar in years, and i am a keen gardener
  11. Hi all, need a good mobile valet quickly, any reccomendations, too many numbers to choose from and knowing my luck will pick the wrong one.
  12. Thanks for the answer, just done this, and thanks event horizo your reply was very helpful
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