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  1. Went to Lam at Barnsley (actually Hoyland Common) on Saturday morning. What an alladin's cave. Bought a 5/8 aerial. Will fit it up when I get time. He says that I probably won't need a TVI filter these days, as the TV signals are now digital rather than analogue.
  2. There's no SSB on the new rig I've got, but one of the settings does give AM on the CEPT (US) 40 channels. Interestingly, it can also get the 40 channels below the CEPT ones, but of course they are illegal to use in the UK, and you would not expect me to try those, would you !!!
  3. My handle is the same as it was all those years ago. Mike Echo Bravo Oscar = MEBO If you are wondering why, check out the website below.
  4. Having freaked out and purchased a CB rig (re-living my youth, again), I was disappointed with not hearing hardly anyone on there. Has everyone migrated to chatrooms on the internet, or are there a few die-hards still out there. If there are, bar for Maplins, is there anywhere else in Sheffield where you can still get CB stuff, as I'm planning on getting a homebase antenna and a TVI filter, but I'd rather see it "in the flesh", rather than purchasing over the internet.
  5. I have been looking to see if there is a car boot at Bowshaw this Sunday. The front page says dates TBC, and the number given says "the number you have dialled has not been recognised" when you ring it. Can anyone confirm either way ? Thanks
  6. Once won a goldfish from Lings that lasted for years (unlike the half hour they usually did). The whole of the family were stunned.
  7. PS join us today for a bank holiday special . Re- living the memories of 1970-74
  8. I live down the road road from Jolly Gees (aka The John O' Gaunt) . What times. Brilliant. I do miss the CB of that era, it's like the Facebook of today. Breaker Break 1-4 for a copy. Times move on , unfortunately. Where did all the CB shops go ???
  9. I DID say sensible answers !!!! Power socket in bedroom is behind some cabinets and not easily accessible (especially by wives), and she doesn't like fiddling with such things.
  10. I have recently purchased one of these TV's for the bedroom. It does strange things in the middle of the night and wakes us up !! It appears from scouring the internet that there is a "receiver upgrade" facility that checks itself at 3.00 am. Does anyone know how to either disable this function, or alter the time so it does it's thing at, say 10.30 am, when we are not in the bedroom trying to get some kip !! Serious comments/help would be much appreciated. It's driving the wife mad.
  11. Only the very same - so you remember the moped then, everybody taking turns on it on the fields beyond the tip. They would have us all shot these days for doing such a thing
  12. I've remembered the surname of the Mick I was thinking of - Mick Dawn
  13. I must be thinking of another Mick - apologies
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