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  1. Trust me, it’s part of what I do for a living and I had it out with them when they resurfaced my road. Ask any parking warden. That’s why they video putting the signs up as proof for parking services. They don’t remove them themselves.
  2. They have to give five days notice or Parking Services won’t remove them.
  3. Anyone see a crash bottom of Netherthorpe Rd going up the hill this afternoon 14/09/2017 around half one. Ended up mounting the central reservation exiting the roundabout avoiding a car trying to go all the way round the roundabout from Penistone Rd in the left lane cutting across nearly into side of me.
  4. Signs went up on Minto Rd today for work to start Thursday. Blatantly only two days notice when it should be five!
  5. They are doing resurfacing on my road today. The card that came through the door says they will give five days notice. The signs only went up giving only 4 days notice so I rang them. The lady on the phone confirmed that cars cannot be moved or fines issued if the signs went up with less than five days notice. She also confirmed that these signs went up with less than five days notice. So my car will be moved when I am good and ready today.
  6. The staff might have thought they would get hurt of they didn't take action. Preemptive strike. Plus how is it heavy handed to throw water at him? You can't hear the sound so he could be threatening to do anything!
  7. We were stuck in that the other day! People then started to go through until one person decided to wait again! Goodness knows why when everyone was going through. This then caused people to start overtaking the line of traffic which caused further problems!!
  8. 195 Zebra crossings. As you approach a zebra crossing look out for pedestrians waiting to cross and be ready to slow down or stop to let them cross you MUST give way when a pedestrian has moved onto a crossing allow more time for stopping on wet or icy roads do not wave or use your horn to invite pedestrians across; this could be dangerous if another vehicle is approaching be aware of pedestrians approaching from the side of the crossing. A zebra crossing with a central island is two separate crossings (see pictures in Crossings (18 to 30).
  9. Thats the only way you'd get me to cycle to work!
  10. It won't matter who's in the job, the laws and manpower don't exist to sort it out. It needs a change at national level.
  11. Yes but that's not his fault either. South Yorkshire Police can only act within certain guidelines and laws they are given. This is more of a national problem than to blame on a single police force. It comes down to there not being the physical numbers of officers needed due to budget cuts and the powers to deal with problems effectively. Again problems out of his control!
  12. He wasn't even in charge when all these things in the news happened so give the guy a break! Poor bloke has to keep apologising for things he had no control over!
  13. They're not bad but I found their prices for work started going up! Got cheaper at TT Tyres in Hillsborough but I'd definitely buy a bike off them! The work they do is good just found I could get it cheaper and as good!
  14. Whilst I agree that more could be done justice wise and discipline wise, it's never going to happen so the only way forward is to keep them out by doing the simple things. Yes it will force them down the road but if everyone does this it will make it that bit harder for people to steal. A lot won't actually smash windows etc because it attracts too much attention and increases chances of getting caught. Just don't make it easy for them!
  15. Ok, I'll carry on taking some responsibility for my own home security and deter crime from my doorstep while people who long for the 1950's carry on feeding the criminals by stubbornly refusing to face facts and keep it from my door! I would just like to point out though, I don't include people who make a genuine mistake in all this! Just people who refuse to take security measures cause that is one fact no one can argue against! We have to take security measures in this day and age and none of us "normal folk" have the power to change that!
  16. Unfortunately in this day and age your own for not locking up and unfortunately insurance companies see it like that and won't pay out in some cases! ---------- Post added 26-08-2014 at 00:15 ---------- Coutts got it right at the beginning of the thread!
  17. Well if anything is to be gained by this, the moral of the story is keep stuff locked up and out of view! If people intentionally leave stuff on view and don't lock doors because of hippie ideas of what we'd like the world to be like, then they can't moan when they get things stolen!
  18. The criminal is to blame as well but like I say, if you don't take reasonable steps to hide things from view or lock stuff up you have yourself to blame. Also I think you'll find the police do share that view, otherwise why do they come round telling you to lock your doors and empty your car at night. Insurance companies take that view as well by voiding your insurance in certain situations. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word only but if you don't take measures by doing the simple things then it is a mistake you have made that lead to you being burgled or car broken into therefore you have to take some responsibility for not taking appropriate measures to safeguard your property.
  19. I think you're missing the point. As a member of society you cannot do anything about criminals on the street. The only thing you have control over is locking things up and keeping things out of your car. So are you saying if you leave your Sat Nav in your car overnight and it gets stolen you are blameless or am I missing your point?
  20. We all know the kind of world we live in so anyone who doesn't lock up or move things from view has only themselves to blame. Unfortunately we live in a world where you can't afford to not take security seriously! While blame does lie with the perpetrator, you still can't go around leaving things unlocked or on view so blame does lie with the victim! Obviously you can't legislate for people actually smashing windows etc but if you leave it so someone can just waltz into your house then you can't really complain...
  21. I know HSBC call centre is open on bank holiday and I think they just push a button to do it! So they could do it on bank holiday I reckon!
  22. PCSO's get paid and it is a full time job. Special Constables don't get paid! Also if people don't lock their doors or leave stuff on display in their cars, they have no one else to blame but themselves!
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