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  1. I've always wanted to have a ginger band. Sadly I'm probably not of the standard to play in a band as of yet, though
  2. Ok mate that's great! Well I'm working this Saturday but off the one after.
  3. Hey buddy, I work every-other Saturday so would only be able to come once every two weeks. Would that be alright? If so I'd be interested. Thanks.
  4. I've recently taken an interest in American Football after my visit to America after seeing it on TV almost every day. I don't fully understand the rules of the game but I am working on it. I'm looking to play this or try Rugby (also never played before and not sure on the rules). Basically wanting a club in which I can train and get to the fitness and build required. I've only ever played football and tennis so need to put on some muscle but I am very enthusiastic and attend the gym a fair bit now. If anyone can help me out, please, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. Hi there, I'm 22 years old who loves 5/6-a-side football. Have played 6-a-side for a few months now but unfortunately our team has fallen apart so I'm now looking for a new team, or players who want to start up a new one. Preferably in Sheffield, though Chesterfield would be good, too. Can play any day but Tuesday. Thanks.
  6. Thanks, it certainly does. I am interested in this but I'm away at the moment so I'll be in touch next week if that's OK :-) Josh.
  7. Hi there, your class sounds really good (just had a browse on your website too). I'm just wondering, it says there will be no bulking-up? I'm wanting to get more toned but really don't want to lose any weight, sort of wanting to put a tad on and turn that in to muscle and tone-up. Do you think this class would be for me? Thanks.
  8. Halfway isn't like the Manor at all. It's nice! Which bit will you be moving to at Halfway?
  9. I would but I've only just started playing bass, literally like a few weeks! Good luck in finding someone.
  10. Looking for a guitar beginner who would like to learn some Blink 182 songs with a fellow Blink fan. I say beginner as I'm only starting out and I'm not brilliant as of yet, sadly.
  11. Thanks! Googled them but not sure how to join... I'll have another look and try get a contact
  12. Hi there, I am interested in joining a local running club, Killamarsh/Beighton/Eckington based. Does anyone know how I'd go about joining one? Thanks.
  13. Absolutely BRILLIANT! INCREDIBLE night for Great Britain! Very very happy and proud! Well done to all those winners and to the brilliant Jessica Ennis!
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