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  1. the problem I am potentially facing is that without doing the work and proving the Return on investment I doubt I would get anyone in front of me so I am looking to build businesses cases but would rather not devalue the products and services I could provide by giving it away but at present can't see another way other than partnerships , thanks for the advice if you ever need help with customer profiling or segmentation feel free to give me a shout.
  2. Can I ask what industry you work in , I was thinking rather more of offering services for free as a trial rather than someone requesting free work, you are right these are usually just people wasting your time
  3. I'm interested to know what you guys think on this one, while I know it's a really generic question I'm keen to see if any business owners have done any, what they were for and what did you gain. Also have you done free work in the past in the hope to secure contracts and what level of success did that bring? Cheers in advance.
  4. Best by far to do multi Chanel advertising, some Facebook , print and digital banners would be a cost effective solution to start with, assuming you have a web site of course
  5. Skink could you let me know if you received my pm? Cheers
  6. Well I've booked my tickets very interesting subject , op pm me if you require support on this as its close to what I do for a living :@)
  7. So the main questions are Do you advertise anywhere? How do you measure success of advertising? Do you use data to lead decisions? Would you benefit from data from your competitors marketing successes or failures? How do you get new business if not through marketing? Cheers in advance , for a bit of context I work in data analysis and marketing and would like to work on an affordable product to help small / medium businesses better understand their customers and how to reach them or which methods work best.
  8. Wouldn't you contact them to advertise you business (retro bar) Or be grateful of the coverage? ---------- Post added 02-11-2015 at 23:10 ---------- It did indeed
  9. Have you thought if they have young kids it might be too much for them...
  10. The morning one is fine but getting back after 5 is a nightmare, I use it 3 or 4 times a week, return is £13.30 but season tickets work out cheapest.
  11. Can you send me info on how to sign up once you have found a venue?
  12. That is utter rubbish of course consultants have qualifications not MP's but most have a degree. All the consultants I have met have had qualifications also had a proven track record with previous companies as well
  13. If you can supply me with an email address or contact number I would be happy to get in touch as it seems there employment contact details are through capita so I doubt they would pass the message on.
  14. Ha had a look on there website and it is the first job on the list! Business analyst ! At least in my opinion they are headed in the right direction ---------- Post added 15-01-2015 at 01:09 ---------- Yes you would have found them more useful as they know everything about 1 or 2 fields and would have been brought in on that basis. Defiantly right about not wanting to stick your neck out as if whatever you plan to do fails then yes I imagine the fear of job loss would be high for any council employee Also me personally only look at cutting workforce if they are underperforming after given clear kpis and the tools to fix them or as a very very last resort even if a department is underperforming its better to re deploy
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