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  1. I can recommend jsmith2009 and associated businessmen again as they've just done a lot of work in my house including a new kitchen and bathroom (which needed extensive work)! Professional to deal with and an excellent level of workmanship! Thanks again!
  2. I'm very pleased to recommend MAC plastering. Chris is a professional at every step. He ensures his work is clean and tidy and doesn't skimp on the clearing up either. Still don't understand how walls end up so smooth but I can safely say - he's very good at what he does! All his contact info is here: http://www.mac-plastering.com 07849 946 223 INFO@MAC-PLASTERING.COM He also answers his emails very promptly which is helpful.
  3. Very sad news. I enjoyed his posts and endless positivity, no matter what life threw at him. My thoughts are with his friends and family.
  4. Dynorod are a rip off. If you're not able to fix it yourself I recommend you contact Rocky1 on here. Great price and he does exactly what he says he will!
  5. Joiner Jeff (jsmith2009) and Shaun did a great job on our kitchen and bathroom along with Adam the Electrician. Bamford Roofing did a lovely job for us too and Lee (Leepy) did a great job taming the garden. Finally Rocky1 sorted out the blocked drain! All highly recommended tradesmen.
  6. The lightning strike took out all the signalling equipment at Piccadilly. It hit about 6:55am and then it was game over for all the services in and out of Piccadilly. They have only just been able to replace all the equipment and start to untangle all the trains that are late and in the wrong place. Expect residual delays throughout the day. It was pretty bad, you could smell the burning!
  7. Hi, Has anyone ever used TNT Roofing in Sheffield? http://www.tntroofingspecialist.co.uk/ Thanks
  8. Your story is desperately sad and as I said - we'd all jump in the car without a second thought. Well, I would anyhow. I can totally understand where you are coming from - we're all human and far from perfect. And the dog should never have been there, sadly accidents do happen. I think as it's a pet forum, most people are painfully aware that if someone hits a dog (that is almost certainly unavoidable), the chances of them being in a situation such as your friend are unbelievably small and thus the driver probably should be caught up with by the appropriate authorities to explain themselves if he has not yet reported it. As should the owner - if the poor creature was even chipped. Most people would have stopped, even if they freaked out initially he didn't. Most of us don't know how we'd react in that situation - I think a good portion of us would panic but probably not drive off. So yes I am still seething. However I'm not about to take the law into my own hands and start a hate campaign! I've been very rational in all my posts - that's what we have the law for.
  9. You efforts of being devil's advocate are admirable. That is a very sad story about your friend. However it is also a very marginal case. I could also argue that your friend should not have been driving in that state but of course - we're all human and we'd all do it wouldn't we? Having just read the relevant laws, the person who hit the dog (which was initially still alive I might add) can also be done for animal cruelty because they drove off. They do have 24 hours to report it yes, but let's be honest, unless you are on your way to a sick / dying relative in hospital there is actually no excuse not to stop. It would have taken 10 minutes to call the police and report it. Less in fact. If you read back on my earlier posts I have made the point that the owner is also very much at fault and yes the dog probably did run out and the accident probably was unavoidable! Still not an excuse mind you. I just hope if the person hits a child or something they aren't allergic to them, panic, flip out and drive off because I'm pretty sure people are generally more passionate about their offspring than canines as a rule.
  10. Because it's the law. Simply put.
  11. No one is saying he is to blame. What we are saying is he SHOULD have stopped. Instead he left the dog to die, alone and cold. Heartless. The blame if any is with the owners who didn't ensure their dog was safely secure (and yes, I know it's hard) and maybe with the driver but that has yet to be established.
  12. The incident number for this is 10121032013. Please ring 101 and quote this if you have any information that could help.
  13. My husband saw this happen and has given a statement to the police. He thinks it was a white vauxhall combo van with a small logo on. So very sad, RIP doggy, so sad that you were running free
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