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  1. Hi is there anyone out there selling a nikon 40mm macro lense to fit my 5100 if so please pm me with your price and number many thanks Lloyd
  2. Iam on 02 and havering problems too . Getting text from day be4 and won't ring out .
  3. Hi I sell seasoned logs with free local delivery my number is 07926509966 many thanks Lloyd . Discounts on bigger loads
  4. just to let people no if you burn treated wood it can set fire to your chimney as it lines your chimney which can set fire . so free wood aint always the best way to go . any Q please feel free to ask . many thanks .
  5. hi to all the people what read this we sell logs at 120 a load = 2 and a half bulk bags with free delivery all split ready to burn please call on 07926509966 many thanks other amounts avalible .
  6. Hi you used to pay at the bailiffs house at the car parking machine carnt remember how much but that where you pay
  7. Hi thanks but not sure how to copy or paste as it is a iPad
  8. Hi I have a iPad and have got a Flickr account but not to sure how to put pictures up on here can any1 help please ?
  9. Thanks for that I,l have a look
  10. What class you in plus how much is it and where as iam newish to photography .
  11. Hi iam new to photography just wondered if there was any course out there for beginners .
  12. Hi iam after some new lenses for my 5100 pm me with what you have for sale . Many thanks
  13. Hi interested in some plants please give me a call thanks 07803581212
  14. Hi iam after some plants for my garden plus shrubs pm me with what you have for sale thanks Lloyd
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