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  1. Think I know which plot this is, being used as a 'cider orchard'. I noticed someone had strimmed it when I was up earlier today.
  2. OK, so replying to a years' old post here. Just got an address off the land registry. Very difficult to use their search facility as there's no postal address for the allotments. Now writing to two listed owners to ask about renting or buying.
  3. There are some near the site of Lees Hall, but that might be S14 instead of S8.
  4. Spookily, the link to Amey'as website where they apparently say it will be done in five years doesn't work. Yet the link saying it was never going to be done in five years does. I definitely remember it being five years from 2012 for all roads to be up to scratch. When facts change like this it's positively Orwellian.
  5. Shall we have a think what a successful business might do, and then think about what Royal Mail are doing? Because lots of people are getting parcels delivered, they perhaps need to alter their business model to fit what their customers want, rather than the poor service they currently provide. This isn't rocket science, just what successful businesses do. In Royal Mail's case this would be to staff their parcels pick up point so there isn't a 30 minute punishment wait for anyone daring not to fit in with their parcel delivery 'service'.
  6. Could anyone PM me some details of absent owners please? How much do people typically pay rent for these? I've put my name down for a council one behind thethe care home, but it's a small site with all plots looking worked.
  7. Yeah, all those offshore wind farms you can't see and those solar farms you can.
  8. They didn't operate like a normal company. It wouldn't have cost much at all to send all Sheffield users an e-mail or in app message that they were leaving. Instead we found out through third party news websites. No firm dates given, no nothing. Hardly any bikes left.
  9. Hope they keep going- it's handy. But I tried to use one Saturday night and two nearest to train station just weren't there so I gave up. They could be handy on a number of occasions, but when you need one they just aren't there. Nothing official yet to say they're pulling out of Sheffield, so that is definitely filed under rumour and speculation. ---------- Post added 21-06-2018 at 12:47 ---------- Just interested how you can tell that the lock has been disabled but left on; could it be that despite wearing tracksuit bottoms and hooded top they have actually paid for the use of the bike properly?
  10. I have reported Swinton Street on fixmystreet.com
  11. Just used fixmystreet.com to report fly tipping on Swinton Street, between Chatham Street and Pitsmoor Road. I don't go that way very often. Could someone who does go that way let me know if Amey/Veolia/SCC do clean it up? Fixmystreet do ask if problems have been solved. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  12. The complete lack of support for BBC microcomputer is just incomprehensible..... Anyway, I got them to accept my credit card using a different device, so problem may lie with combination of my card, my phone and the app. Used for first time this morning. Dropped car off for repair on Rutland Road. Two bikes two minutes walk away according to map. Except there weren't. Walk to next bike. Not there either. Walk to next bike. Scan worked, except I didn't know where to enter the code. Lock was missing anyway so I just rode it. Reported it as damaged. When people ride round on ofo bikes without locks on, they aren't necessarily thieves, it's just that it's very difficult indeed to hire one legally and much easier to just grab one with the lock off! This is a great idea, just not sure if ofo are there with the execution of their business plan yet. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  13. Where is the evidence that he IS qualified? Most reports have an 'about the author's section. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  14. You don't necessarily need a chain link extractor, modern bikes have snap-apart master links. If you replace chain, you will most likely need to replace back sprocket too, New chains on old sprockets jump badly. That needs a cassette tool. In terms of what to buy, decathlon get my vote in terms of stocking just about everything and being open next four minutes and tomorrow too. Their gear works, I wouldn't give it any recommendation beyond that except it's probably better than Halfords. If I may, one more recommendation for repairs is cycles in motion at Stag Works, John Street off Bramall lane. Will cost less than Langsett and it smells of cutting oil. They do a lot of bespoke building, still seem happy enough for basic repairs. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  15. They have yet to turn a profit though haven't they? Any idiot can spend multiple billions, which is all they seem to be good at. Plus I CAN'T actually register the credit card directly with my phone. This is my biggest issue with them- their abject failure to fulfill a pretty basic m-commerce task! Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  16. I'd really like to use an ofo next Tuesday, but the site to accept credit card details has been down for over 24 hours! Are ofo a serious company with some intention of turning a profit, or just some spoilt rich kid's pet project? Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  17. Just given Amey a 1 star review on Google maps. That'll show them! Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  18. Graham plumbers merchants got me a replacement from stock, walk up sale, no need to order, 'just' from looking at the old ceramic valve. Right faff now, take taps to bits, go to merchants leaving your taps in bits, come back hoping for best. They did work. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  19. I for one will keep going. Slightly concerned that they haven't got this guy yet. If he's using a pellet gun to threaten and even attack pedestrians, he needs catching for everyone's safety. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  20. Well, they attempted to repair a serious defect on Norton Lees Road with a patch and it failed absolutely. Regrettably, I think there's problems with ground movement or a damaged road base, so putting new macadam on top will never work. Yes, I have reported this on fixmystreet.com Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  21. Is this realcockney some sort of fake news bot? Sure shooting is real, but they are opening himself up to libel insinuating some of the places are fronts for money laundering. It is as if they want commercial property prices to fall so he can buy somewhere cheaply. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  22. Is the road contract and tree contract separate? If I'd hired someone to work on my house and they'd run over time as much as Amey and done job to such a poor standard as Amey, I'd be calling Rogue Traders or Cowboy Builders. If there's anything to pay to Amey for doing such a bad job of highways, whoever drafted the contract needs banning from ever working in the public sector again. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  23. My two choices of a different route are jetpack out of my own house to avoid potholes, or hedge hop through several hundred gardens until I reach a road that is fit for use. Which do you suggest? Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  24. Back to trees. Lunchtime errands took me down Meadow Bank Avenue in Nether Edge today. It is lined by mature lime trees, which have been managed by regular pollarding. This keeps them at an appropriate size for street trees. A lesson in street trees management. This is a private road, so possibly residents pay for upkeep themselves, I don't know. Does the contract include maintenance of replacement trees into the future? Also where exactly are the replacement trees? Finally, is it possible for SCC to add a supplement to council tax for trees maintenance on roads where there are trees? Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  25. I am whining about the fact that newly laid road surface has failed in less than a year. That is completely unacceptable and illustrates poor workmanship and or materials, cold weather or not. I am also whining about the fact that my own road still hasn't been done, nor have over 50% of the roads I use on my regular commute. Now six months past first target dates. If you think that Amey are doing a job that is remotely acceptable, then you, sir, are somewhat out of touch with reality. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
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