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  1. I was in LMH 1966/67 for 15 months, as I had dived in the sea and broken my kneck. I was one of the first patients to be helicoptered in (a yellow RAF Westland Whirlwind) I discovered the Ward with iron lungs on it, by chance when I was able to wheel around the hospital freely, and became friends with Dennis. On the South Ward I was in, Mr Crownshaw, was our Charge Nurse, Dr Hardy was 'top bod'. According to his deputy, I should have died years ago, thankfully he was wrong. I could not have wished for a better hospital, and staff. I went to the closing 'ceremony' of it. Believe it or not, I am still in touch with my original physiotherapist, and another member of staff, who helped get me through such a traumatic time in my young life.

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