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  1. Mu aunties cat is called cookie short for cooking fat which is short for .... you can all guess
  2. Our old dog had a reflective lead for night walking, Dont forget about your safety as dog walkers You will also need to wear something reflective and keep your mobile to hand
  3. Ive got a 2 yr old and a 4 month old baby and my god they drive me mad, both of mine have been woke up by them. I dont mind on bonfire night as its one night but the idiots that set them off all the time Saw a gang of kids the otherday doing some about 6pm
  4. I had a home birth with my second and both me and my partner loved every bit of it, it was soooooo relaxing i only needed gas and air for about 3 puffs before she was pushed out Angie
  5. My son used to love " i dont care what the weather man said " My daughter loves, You are my sunshine
  6. My two are 27months and 19weeks old, One of each, xxxx
  7. I felt exactly how you felt except i had got a toddler to get up with in a morning etc, It got instantly better once my 2nd was born, Where abouts in Sheffield are you ?? ANGIE X
  8. Its starting to get chilly when its bed time, but once in bed i soon get warm, If im cold i put socks on and a jumper Both my kids are warm blooded so hardly feel the cold, Dont get why people feel the need to put heating on as soon as it gets cold,
  9. im on s2 nice to make a change to mums, ill wait till i read the article but i cant see how its detrimental to health, after all there getting all the goodness from it ( my son gets double as im also making baby milk )
  10. Glad im not the only one, im also a breatfeeding supporter for surestart i was fed till i was 2.5
  11. I guess this could be a very sensitive thread and ive not done it to make mums feel bad but i wanted to know if there were any other mums still breastfeeding past a year my son is now 27months old and still has 2 feeds a day, im also fully feeding my 4 month old daughter, Just wondered if anyone else did it as friends are quite shocked if we mention it Angie xxx
  12. I moved when i was 33 weeks pregnant omg never again, I would get a family member to look after your little one while you get all the big stuff sorted Cot made etc bed made etc and then you can get your baby and get the unpacking done, My dd is 4 months old and is already all over the place rolling and moving herself about, Angie
  13. Metanium is excellent, dd got a sore neck from dribbling so i put it on her neck and by morning her neck was fine again ( only yellow from the cream lol) Not sure what my worst by is but im sure weve got one
  14. Stardust its called retained placenta where your placenta stays put or doesnt come out in one go, I guess ive been lucky as i didnt get pp, but ended up with SPD,
  15. You are meant to make the bottles fresh when your baby needs them, as theyve recently found out that doing bottles for the day the even in the fridge the bacteria is growing and there are a lot of babies who are formula fed being admitted to hospitals with illness caused by parents doing the bottles all in one go.. However it is up to the parents,
  16. Me and my Little lad (27months) have just made a big batch of malteser cakes for visiting nanny and weve also made a lasagne, Im feeling really naff at the moment as im excl bfeeding 4month old but getting pmt but no outcome iykwim, So feeling mega crappy but watching ds enjoy cooking and learning was fab and i stood in the kitchen and cried with tears of happyness So what makes you feel really happy when your down
  17. Awww Congratulations to all the new parents to be, My little girl is now 4months old and my son is 27months old, Time flys xxx
  18. Not read the full artical as im bfeeding ym little girl at the same time lol, But i hate to see babies bottles being heated in a microwave, My friends little boy had to go to hospital when he was 3 weeks old for burns in his mouth due to a hot spot in the bottle, I used to heat ds's food when weaning in a tub of hot water
  19. Check where he hid the mallet ,My kids are like that, ok for daddy or a bugger for me. My dd is 17weeks and just cut a tooth and has not stopped screaming today only time shes quiet is when shes having booby,
  20. just caught a snippet on news ( had 1 screaming baby so couldnt hear it all ) im sure it said hed got life and the people that helped him got 6months
  21. If someone now owns it why dont you pop round and have a nice word with him and tell him its disturbing you, But i doubt you will get veryfar,
  22. A bloke down our road keeps chucks and a cockerel, tbh you get used to it, wont be long before its dark in a morning so it wont be up so early,
  23. I agree, they should get the book thrown at them, As for being more concered about himsefl than that poor girl What scum
  24. I didnt think Taxis supplied carseats, I wouldnt use one would prefer my own at least i know mine have never been in an accident or dropped, Get someone to bring it in to you when they visit Good luck
  25. Well done for getting it sorted Zebra, I tried to do a link here otherday but it didnt work ive got a fisherprice kick and whirl carnival for £15 cost us £40 the other year, If anyone wants it pm me
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