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  1. I once had a pork hock. Caught it in my zip.
  2. People just like saying they've got a labradoodle, no matter how much it costs them.
  3. Of course it isn't. I was having a go at the tolerance and forgiveness of religion. Anyone who says otherwise will be put to death.
  4. Muslims threatening to kill other muslims...anyone who says it's wrong is 'anti-Islamic', so let 'em get on with their 'tolerant' beliefs.
  5. I got a copy of this today...how strange!!!
  6. This is probably why Wednesday are having a poor season.
  7. The last time I saw it was in The Cellar Door, under The Beauchief. It was keg though, not cask.
  8. 3. or Bang Bang, B.A Robertson
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