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  1. See my last post, many thanks ---------- Post added 21-08-2013 at 01:47 ---------- Not to this I don't? You solved the problem of being able to send it to the people I want to which is fine. However not this second problem.
  2. That's fine for one of the emails. However like I said one website you chose the file and click 'upload' but it has to be smaller than 100mb and its a popular site used by thousands of video uses so how does everyone else get round uploading normal videos? these are soooo short in comparison :/
  3. I think its stupid to be honest you cant send such a short video of less than 60 seconds. The 'times' seem very strange. I want to send it to people who can click and view! ---------- Post added 21-08-2013 at 01:35 ---------- Also I want to upload to a website which the files need to be 100mb or smaller.
  4. Thanks for the replies but I actually want to be able to email the files not share a link. Is there a way?
  5. This is such sad news. She was a treasure an will continue to be one xx My concern now is what will happen to all those cat, many with health problems, some live in the sanctuary full time and some strays who only survived by coming to feed and stay warm in there. I know as the house is a council house the sanctuary has to be taken down, this ive been told is agreed with the council years ago. So which charity is taking on all these cats? are they being distributed? to which charities. Will any be pts? Many heartfelt questions from a cat lover who works in a cat rescue Once Jackie is laid to rest im sure more things will be organised but I am worried about the above.
  6. Hi, Ive taken 2 videos on my iphone. 1 is less than 1 minute and the other is just over a minute. I have put them on my laptop and tried to email them someone but it says files to large (also wouldn't let me email them from my iphone as it said it as too big a file). They are wmv. files now and The files sizes are 65mb and 162mb. How can I email them? I don't understand technical jargon or compressing so please do dummy explanations, many thanks in advance.
  7. Always used a 250g Seagate which someone bought for me and set up, its full of things I need so I want a second one. This is about 6yrs old. I'm not computer technical so I want a plug in no set up required. where I can just drag and drop documents. I was thinking maybe a bit bigger 500g this time. Where is cheap, £39.99 for a WB Elements SE portable hd 500g. Is this cheap? Thanks
  8. Does anyone have the number for this shop?
  9. Nice play from the millers from what ive heard they have owned the match
  10. I know loads of people who like it. Nothing to do with portions.
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