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  1. I think you have highlighted my point, out of it's context. What i said is i could understand the argument and those supporting it, however i didn't say that i agree with their view. Having previously worked as a homeless officer in Sheffield, i understand the issues facing homeless families and their plight. I have never noticed a similar issue for anyone wanting to buy 'affordable' housing in our city. Sheffield has more properties for sale at an affordable price than most large cities in the UK. Indeed numerous terraced houses have sold within the last few months in S4 for less than £60,000. There is already affordable housing in this area, hence my view that more is not essential. I appreciate you picking me up on this point, because it means that people are taking on board the seriousness of this thread and it's important point is being aired to all who may have a view. Yesterday i walked up the hill with an archaeologist from Sheffield University for the Roam the Ridge guided walk and the explanation of the importance of this site has reinforced my view that new build properties are not needed or wanted on this site. Anyone wanting to learn more please look up the 'Friends of Wincobank Hill' website.
  2. This is totally accurate. I used to work in Sheffield as a housing officer for a housing association and this is commonly known as a 'claw back.' In some cases a tenant will have the housing benefit paid to them initially, then they pass it on to the landlord. If the money is paid direct to the landlord, the DSS can claim from the landlord and it comes straight back out of their bank account without any redress. This can be as many as 6,7,8 months of rent leading to £2000+. There is no way the landlord is going to take a tenant with no assets to court over non-payment. the most favourable option is to get them out asap. This is a reason why so many private landlords will not accept DSS payment from tenants. If the tenant doesnt pay, then a lengthy eviction process costing £100's and no rent ensues.
  3. That's a totally unjustified statement a football clubs fans. Any self respecting smallwall fan would have mugged him aswell. As for the old fella, well thats crap luck. But old cars are usually an easier target with less security. Hope they catch the scumbags.
  4. I saw three blokes in an Orange Ford transit X*** *** the other day trawling around Wincobank. They stopped got out went into someone's front garden and took a 10-12ft section of metal railings. Bent it in half, threw it in the back and drove off. I'm pretty sure it was 'scrap' as it had been in the garden for weeks, but the point is that they shouldn't have trespassed to take it. I had some home improvement work done a few months ago and an RSJ was left outside. It was not possible to see this from the street and could only have been seen if the person's came right around my property and took it. they smashed 4 stone steps throwing it down to the street and nobody saw. I reported it to police and they said, 'i shouldn't have left it out as it was inviting them to take it.' i was given a crime reference number and nothing came of it. The actual scrap metal value was maybe £20, but the damage to solid stone steps was immeasurable. Theft is theft.
  5. Think that cinema was the Fiesta. I had a Raleigh Grifter bought from that Halfords store Christmas 1980. I was like a dog with two tails.
  6. Regardless of the view some people have of Wincobank Hill, i can assure you, none which are negative have ever walked up there and taken a view of our City. my house backs onto the common and I see it as a priviledge to live in a place with such nice views across a cityscape. i moved here from Wadsley with a house backing onto the common there and find Wincobank just as beautiful a place to live. So the details are this. A builder has bought some land and is trying to pursuade the council that new 'private' homes are required on this ancient Roman Hill Fort. It would be a shame if this builder gets permission to build here. I'm no expert on Roman Hill Forts but i doubt the Peak Planning Board would be very receptive to a housing development on Mam Tor at Castleton. If this building plan was to provide housing for homeless families or those in need of social housing I could probably understand the arguement, but this is just a developer out to make 'themselves a profit.' Please fill in this petition if you feel that part of OUR heritage should be protected. As others have said. When it's gone it's gone.
  7. Any pics available. My daughter plays out on your street. I'll ask her to have a lookout? Any details of address as its a long street. You can P.M me if you want to remain anon.
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