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  1. Why? as said further up thread someone said avg let a virus through but mse got it.. Is their a reason why not both? thnx
  2. I solely rely on Microsoft security essentials and AVG free 2012, never get a virus or anything like that, i suggest this to everyone, people on here will probably disagree, but iv use'd this for year's and never had a virus etc get through and attack
  3. Where did you get that from? i am struggling to find an original Arc, second hand for my price range.
  4. You don't need to rely on iphone for these. Maybe it deliver's them nicely or something idk,. but as far as im aware i can make an android phone do anything an iphone can- probably a little better if you take iphone's - siri into consideration google is better at that sort of thing these days, Abit off subject but is anyone looking forward to google's goggle's and augmented reality instead of a mobile phone?
  5. If you all check my info on here it say's my hobbies are modification/upgrades and fixes of the ios/android/blackberry platform. i haven't included blackberry in my wish list as i really don't like them. iv never own'd an iPhone but have had a few android device's, as posted above i don't mind about the internal memory as i usually root my phone's and get rid of most of the bloat ware and open up free memory for maximum app's with a2sd partitions. i really am struggling whether to get an iphone 3gs or mid range android. i know what im getting with android (i like custom ability & games ) and with iphone i don't know what id get. what app's / games are like and whether or not i can "root" it and customise it like i can android. im aware of jail breaking and cydia etc but not sure about making the iPhone ios to look completely different or w.e when i get bored of it.
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