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  1. Mmmm why no consultations at Southey Green seeing as they plan to carve up the P1 and P2?
  2. If the first car goes straight away when the green comes on three cars can get through before the red returns.
  3. All Sheffield Community Transport bus services are running including the hospital services.May be the door to door minibus services struggling but everything out.
  4. Thanks to everyone for your help.Managed to get out of work and found some in Hillsborough.After 10 years of just picking them up I couldn't think where to start looking for them.So used to browsing and clicking.Time to get back into the real world.Thanks again.
  5. Perhaps the PTE may learn from reports like this but its what operators have been saying for years.People go to university for years and are then given millions to carry out research to come up with an answer obvious to those in the thick of it.Buses get clogged up in traffic that is restricted because of bus lanes and obstacles put in its way.When the bus gets to the lane it is free for a few hundred yards then has to rejoin the traffic again thus negating any advantage it may have.Liverpool has recently killed its bus lanes after consultation with highways inspectors.I was stood at Hillsborough corner today and watched a City bound tram pull across Bradfield Rd with his exit blocked resulting in two cycles of traffic lights missed for the motorists sat waiting,likewise a Hillsborough tram was parked across from the interchange so nothing moved there either.Buses caught in this are evidently delayed.
  6. First 69 Sheffield - Rotherham is a classic for terminating in the Interchange and running light to Rotherham or just not appearing at all.
  7. Cheers.Trawled the supermarkets and diy centres last night but everything was artificial.Saw a street trader in Barnsley last week so going to find time to visit him.Thanks for your help.
  8. Please can anyone suggest the best place to buy Holly Wreaths local to S6 or S9.Need 5 for various relatives graves.The lady I usually get them from is ill so this year I have to go elsewhere and I am out of practice sourcing and shopping around etc.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance.
  9. So what about the restaurant in Meadowhall that adds 10% to your bill and states that if you object it will be removed at the till.Somewhat emotional blackmail.
  10. When I was made redundant by a large private haulier I parked my unit on Friday night and said my goodbyes.Monday I signed with an agency and Monday night I drove away in the unit I had parked on Friday.Oh!Fat cheque and better rates than I was on the previous week and its amazing how attitudes change towards you.
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