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  1. I can play if still need someone.... give me a text - 07867420942
  2. We have got Balby Academy Of Sport away!! Other side of bleeding Doncaster, on a Sunday morning.... Not good! No idea what they are like either other than they play in a blue kit lol
  3. Phoenix FC are looking for another striker. Currently unbeaten in the second division of the Blades Super Draw. If anyone is interested please get in touch.
  4. At what bookies are you favourite? And what price they giving you? Looking at the teams I would tip middlewood as favourites personally.
  5. Anyone after a deep lying striker, full back or winger? Saturdays... Preferably mornings?
  6. When you looking for a friendly? Sunday or Saturday?
  7. Wouldn't say "chavs run wild" .. there is some underdressed people in there yes but this isn't situated in the posh south end of Sheffield.. I go in there most days as I pass it on the way to work. Never had any issues with "kids" turning escalators off.... the only problem I have seen with the escalators is they occasionally reverse the direction, which has caught a few people out. All the food I have got from there has always been spot on including freshly made pizzas, again as stated earlier with excellent customer service. Have to agree on the self service tills though, too many people use them and take longer because they haven't got a clue. Overall I prefer this ASDA to the one at Chapeltown, but it isn't as good as the one at Handsworth
  8. When we need game time grass is too unreliable and with how crap council pitches are id always chose Astro. Wouldn't play a full season there though if pitch already good enough which luckily ours is
  9. Admin Note: Thread title changed from "Fox and Hound / Lyminster Road Police Incident" Anyone know what's happened? Just been passed about 20mins ago and road all taped off by police
  10. Exact reason why pre-season I just opt for astro
  11. I didn't either, I went to book the bottom pitch other day and they said we only have the top pitches. I thought they were sand so said no thanks but he said they have just been laid and in all honesty are far better than the bottom pitch. Which is very true. First time we played on the top on sunday as everyone was impressed. Only downside to Goodwin is the 2 wires which go across the pitch, but they are trying to get rid of them apparently
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