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  1. i'll be hoping to fly from Manchester as it only an hour as London is about 3 hours away
  2. thats why i was thinking about going on that tour as i'v looked up the hotels where i'll be stopping at & if i 1 of them will have cost me £1,500 for 6 nights & the cheapest was £100 a night so that deal looks better then i first thought & i can get Australia Dollars for around 1.6 per pound
  3. thats why i was going with this http://www.howzattravel.co.uk/Tours/TheAshes-2013-14/Ashes-2013-England-Cricket-Tours-To-Australia-Walkabout-All-Five-Tests.html £8,199 for 7 weeks & i get everything sorted out for me & i get to see 7 Different places & i get to see every days play of all 5 test matches of the ashes witch i think will be awesome but maybe 25 days of cricket might be a little bit too much but then i might be able to sell my match tickets if i dont want to go ---------- Post added 17-01-2013 at 09:07 ---------- when are you going?
  4. i cant really go with an open mind due to having to go back to work as i'v only been able to get 7 weeks off work but thank you for the advice mate & i'm always up for new things so i'll fit in very well & i'm defo going to go come November its just trying to get the best & cheapest deal i can & at the moment that Ashes Tour is the best i can find but still got loads of time to find other deals & i'v seen an Africa tour going for just less then 5k for 73 days but to be honest Africa is not something what appeals to me as much as Australia
  5. have you got any links for me to look up on the internet for these singles traveling groups? ---------- Post added 16-01-2013 at 08:27 ---------- i'm more scared of getting lost to be honest & as for drugs & all that crap i'v never touched them in my life & nor do want to start that crap
  6. that does sound like a good plan to break up that long flight up
  7. i only Guessed the prize mate & yes i'll have his number is cant hurt i'v booked my holidays in at work just in case i do end up going & i'v got 8 weeks off work as from 13th of November & i rang up the Barmy Army yesterday but their never answered the phone or even rang me back with the number i give them
  8. the last time I did it ,it took 27 hr "nightmare' every time I managed to drop off to sleep somebody woke me up asking me if I wanted something to eat:huh: the eating drinking is what seems to stuff you up but its such a boring flight you really start to look foward to it . I did a 10 hr flight with air asia once (the foods crap on air asia and you have to pay for it so I just drank water and herbal tea}felt great when I landed no jet lag but starving hungry. stop off on some of the islands in thailand for a week a you'll love it i'd love to do it but i think if i did something like that i'd need a traveling buddy as id not have a clue what to do as i'm not very clued up on how to book a flight t the pick of a hat or just jump on a train to see where it goes to
  9. i'm 30 in April ---------- Post added 14-01-2013 at 07:33 ---------- its £8.200 + £3,275 if i don't want to share my hotel room (not Dollars) but that's with match tickets all the flights between city's hotels & transfers so i'm guessing return flight from Australia is about £800 49 nights in hotels must be about £40 a night on average so thats 1,960ish then transfers between Hotels & Airports must be about £20 each so thats £160 got 6 domestic flights you say you can get them for as cheap as 35$ so thats £20 so thats £120 but will more then likely be about £250 then 25 days of match tickets say their are £50 each so thats £1,250ish then a welcome & leaving dinner so call them £50 each so thats £100 then christmas day dinner another £50ish & new years even in Sydney witch are still to say whats happening so with the numbers i'v put together tho is about £4,570 but i might be way out anyway i'm going to ring the Barmy Army up later to see what their are offering ---------- Post added 14-01-2013 at 07:37 ---------- 24 hours on the plane but i'v been told you get to drink what ever you want on the plane for nothing as i'v never been on a long flight b4 the longest i'd been on a plane B4 that was 4 & 1/2 hours when i went to Greece
  10. haha i was just replying to the poster who said about be careful about going into the sea as their are loads of Sharks in the water so i said about Spiders & Snakes which can get you when you dont expect them thank you for your reply tho mate
  11. [/color] i tried that once at Cleethorpes & i ended up sleeping on a bench & it was freezing ---------- Post added 12-01-2013 at 00:47 ---------- oh yeah i thought about that but its still going on my own & i dont drive which does not help matters ---------- Post added 12-01-2013 at 00:49 ---------- i what he was saying was right tho it really is that easy if you put your mind to it ---------- Post added 12-01-2013 at 00:55 ---------- to be honest the season is something i'm not that bothered about as i dont like salt water & if i wanted to go in the season then i'd just go to Portugal not saying your right or wrong but over there you can wake up with a snake under your bed or have a spider on the toilet waiting for you if i'm going there with that mind set then i'll never go but thank you for your reply tho & dont mean to sound harsh ---------- Post added 12-01-2013 at 00:56 ---------- i think he/she was just trying to tel me alot has changed from then ---------- Post added 12-01-2013 at 01:15 ---------- thank you everyone for your lovely replies as it is i'm very drunk & i'm feeling like a women who's broody but my broodiness is going there the more & more i think about it the more i want to do i saw an advert on the TV yesterday about traveling Australia witch just wound me up even more
  12. that's sounds like a great tour & something what i might look into later on in life but my dream as always been to go to Australia i wanted to go 5 years ago but i never got my redundancy from work even so looking back at it now i was glad i didn't get made redundant as i'd not have been able to find work again as things are now but i'v been told from work i can have time off to live my Dream & that's go to Australia for 7 weeks or so but i have to work it around my holidays cut off at work which gets reset on the first of Jan now i just want to book it but just don't have the bottle to do it on my own as its a long way to go on your own even if someone i know goes there with me just for the first couple of days then i can then make own way after that & thank you for telling me your great trip & just hope i can go & do mine
  13. here is the tour i was going for but the only problem is i think it will tie me down to the cricket too much but i get to see 6/7 places in 7 weeks witch i think will be ideal but its having the bottle to do it on my own tho which i dont think i have & with me being 30 in 4 months time single no kids & it will be the perfect time to do it as a present for myself & 1 which i think i deserve http://www.howzattravel.co.uk/Tours/TheAshes-2013-14/Ashes-2013-England-Cricket-Tours-To-Australia-Walkabout-All-Five-Tests.html it did not let me post that link B4 as i did not post 5 times
  14. your make great sense & i will take everything you said on board & thats why i thought about the Ashes Tour as the only thing i have to do it turn up at an airport over here & them lot do the rest but dont really want to go just for the cricket even so i'd still have plenty of time to do other stuff with it being a 49 day tour
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