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  1. People who smoke in cars with young children in are in my opinion the most worthless beings on the planet.
  2. Next Owls manager is going to be Nigel Clough within the next two weeks.
  3. Wondering if anyone is getting messed about by Bassetts at the new Oreo factory, I know someone who has signed off and turned down another job offer and isn't getting the three days a week that the job centre/club said they should.
  4. Bus gates are stupid, it takes so much longer to get in to town when the driver has to keep getting out to open and close them.
  5. Note to all forummers If you have the audacity to try and help someone then make sure you give a full and error free answer otherwise a horde/clique of patronising holy(Er than thou) joes will descend on you and point out the error of your ways.
  6. Big Roger on D wing will be giving Chris Huhne 3 points tonight.
  7. I joined to wind up Wendy fans but DJ no talent is doing such a good job of that I haven't needed to.
  8. Pack up all your cares and woes Leaving us low Time to go Bye bye DJ
  9. Thought it was Why Are We Always Whining and the answer was because of Dave Jones team selection.
  10. Are Patch and the Swifts still turning up and posing for ninety minutes for you?
  11. If its in the bible AND on YouTube it must be true...
  12. Not answering and putting them on your ignore list is better than leaving the forum, though I might be a little bit guilty myself on some of the football threads of being a WUM.
  13. WAWAW? Isn't that the sound babies make when they aren't getting what they want?
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