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  1. Sheffield City Council's licensing committee this morning decided to press ahead and introduce CCTV in black cabs/ private hire vehicles. The committee thinks it will deter attacks on drivers and might make people feel safer: http://postcodegazette.com/news/9003006859/compulsory-cctv-cameras-to-be-installed-in-all-sheffield-taxis-AT-sheffield-town-hall/ Is this Big Brother gone mad or a case of if you've nothing to hide you've nothing to fear. But what will happen to the footage - and audio recordings?
  2. City Road is currently closed (1445) following an accident: http://postcodegazette.com/news/9002929213/city-road-closed-following-accident--AT-area-city-road/ Police and travel officials are on-site and part of the scene has been taped-off by police.
  3. Councillors have just approved the coal reclamation scheme at Hesley Wood. Around 100 protestors attended the meeting: http://postcodegazette.com/news/9002897651/hesley-wood-tip-plans-approved-despite-locals%27-anger-AT-sheffield-hesley-wood-spoil-heap/
  4. it seems the place costs too much for the numbers using it, needs costly repairs and there's a cheaper alternative: http://postcodegazette.com/news/9002895206/costly-and-underused%3A-council%27s-case-for-closing-don-valley-stadium-AT-sheffield-sheffield-town-hall/
  5. The old Jessop Hospital's Edwardian Wing faces demolition to make way for a new Sheffield University engineering block: http://postcodegazette.com/news/9002796103/planners-recommend-demolition-of-jessop-hospital%27s-edwardian-wing-AT-sheffield-former-jessop-hospital-for-women/ The plans are backed by Angela Smith MP and the Chamber of Commerce. The planning meeting is next week.
  6. LeMaquis - Sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear. Parents of kids at Catholic schools are effectively paying a levy for the capital upkeep of the schools they send their kids to, so in fact pay more than other parents, free bus passes or not. EbonyBranch - Some people don't like the idea of faith schools, but both the Catholic and Anglican churches were providing education before the state got involved. And their schools, on average, get better results and are usually oversubscribed. So if you believe in parental choice, then faith schools have a big role to play.
  7. The city council's cabinet will be out in force discussing transport and other issues in Grenoside Primary School from 5pm tomorrow night - Tuesday: http://postcodegazette.com/news/9002789346/cabinet-in-the-community-comes-to-grenoside---tomorrow-AT-sheffield-grenoside-primary-school/
  8. not_realy_me - but parents with children at Catholic schools are council tax payers too. Not only that, but Catholic schools also pay 10% of their capital costs themselves, so you're not really subsidising anything.
  9. The police and Sheffield Homes are hunting for gangs who steal boilers form empty homes. http://postcodegazette.com/news/9002788721/police-and-housing-chiefs-on-hunt-for-boiler-thieves-AT-sheffield-sheffield-town-hall/ A spate of break-ins in Gleadless Valley, Lowededges, Batemoor and Jordonthorpe.
  10. 29 secondary headteachers have written a joint letter to the council complaining that removing bus passes for kids attending Notre Dame and All Saints will affect their schools: http://postcodegazette.com/news/9002788572/clegg-joins-city%E2%80%99s-headteachers-in-opposing-bus-pass-axe-plan-AT-sheffield-sheffield-town-hall/ Nick Clegg is also backing their call for the council to think again.
  11. That's terrible. Get your MP involved - now. Click on this link on the parliament website and pop in your daughter's postcode. http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/ It will tell you who her MP is. Make an appointment to go and see them. An MPs letter has a massive effect on the bureaucrats. It will help cut through any crap and make the CPS and Police sit up and take notice. Do it today!
  12. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles says English councils are sat on £12 BILLION in their reserves which they could be spending to minimise cuts. Not so in Sheffield it seems: http://postcodegazette.com/news/9002781108/council-denies-hording-cash-as-cuts-bite-AT-sheffield-sheffield-town-hall/
  13. It looks like Sheffield's Remploy factory will close, with the loss of 94 jobs. http://postcodegazette.com/news/9002781060/jobs-under-threat-as-remploy-looks-for-a-buyer-AT-sheffield-brightside-lane/ Grim news for the staff just before Christmas...
  14. Apparently the Govt will confirm whether Meadowhall or City Centre in the New Year, although Paul Blomfield is arguing strongly for the CC: http://postcodegazette.com/news/9002777052/mp-calls-for-hs2-line-to-go-through-city-centre---not-meadowhallsheffield-train-station/
  15. Unbelievable. Students ignore a fire alarm - even when asked to evacuate by firefighters: http://postcodegazette.com/news/9002772049/firefighters%27-shock-as-sheffield-students-ignore-evacuation-pleas-AT-sheffield-1-newcastle-street/
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