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  1. I have also heard now that strange things used to happen in the hospital such as things moving of their own accord, if anyone has stories about that, let me know.
  2. Thanks for that Mabel Lily. I wonder if its the same lady that appeared in the other ladys photo. Which is the really old part? I can see the part that looks like the back of the building that faces the University buildings rather than the church.
  3. So there's only one story, so far. Did your friend hear or see anything Grayface prior to the strange photo?
  4. Aaw this is a shame, I really thought someone would have some stories whether it was when they were giving birth there or working there. Its so old and there must have been alot of people working or sadly dying there, since all the other hospitals seem to allegedly have a ghost or 2, Jessops looks left out lol.
  5. Hi Just wondering if anyone has any ghost stories from the old jessop hospital on leavygreave? My workmates and I look out on the old derelict hospital and often think how haunted it looks but we don't know of any stories about it? please post if you have any? Thanks
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