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  1. No, I'm sorry that is the dog I saw. Which she has just shown you. I'm so sorry and hope you find your dog.
  2. I have two bins because my neighbour has moved out so I am using his bin! I'll be stuffed when I get a new neighbour. Lol.
  3. On our second week of the fortnightly service. I have two bins completly overflowing and about 6 black bags sat on top. This is ridiculous. I wake up every morning to see the cats/foxes have pulled all the bags out of my bin. I work full time and pay my taxes for stuff like rubbish being removed. I also don't like the side of my house smelling like the tip, we should all stage a protest and just leave the black bags all over the road
  4. If god created the earth in 7 days? Where do dinosaurs fit in???
  5. I understand that 80% of mediums are hoax, I believe some are not, iv seen derren brown explain how in a room of 100 a statement would apply to at least 3 or 4 people in the room... However this was nt the case in this instance,1. My nan died while my daughter was in the room but was in no fit state to open her eyes, 2. The medium did not say this statement to the audience and wait for a reaction off some1. She walked over to me and said it to just me!!! Not a bad guess with a room of 3-400!!!
  6. Also when my daughter was born 10year ago my nan was in the hospital at the same time terminally ill.. We got the dreaded phonecall that all the family had to go to the hospital as their was nothing more they could do for her, so I took my 5day old daughter to see her nan before it was too late, my daughter never got to see her or vice versa... About 1 year later we was at my friends club where there was a medium doing a show, she walked straight up to me and said... Dnt worry your nan said she's seen your daughter and she's beautiful.. Shivers up my spine. I believe there's more than just death
  7. My son age 18months-2 yrs used to talk to someone called jack in our old home, we moved to our new adress about 3 year ago and heard nothing of jack since moving here up until 6 month ago when my son woke up and said jack was stood behind his tv unit scaring him! I told him to tell jack to go home and my son said he is at home dad he lives with us!!! I couldn't sleep either after that. lol
  8. What position brianko? We currently need a good keeper as ours broke his ankle sunday and is out for 8 weeks. We play mondays in premier...wybourns worst. And championship on wed. Wybourn wanderes. Need a really good keeper as we are very competative lol
  9. I currently play in premier for wybourns worst.... On monday if times don't clash could maybe give you a couple of games. What's your team called
  10. Do you do do private partys too? My uncle has a wm club which a lot of people use for their parties, weddings etc. Could put up your details
  11. Best costume for me was serena and venus williams! Lol. There was a guy with jeepers creepers full suit too. Must have cost a bomb!!! Anywhere we can view pics?
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