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  1. Go back home, Sheffield is ****e. Swap places with you
  2. An adult's got so have some enjoyment.
  3. I was reffering to the workmanship etc. Don't give a foo# who owns it
  4. Having watched a programme a few weeks ago about Rolls Royce in Derby, it still proves we build the best. A joy to watch. The chinese aquired one of their trent engines to copy but as explained they don't have the trained staff or knowledge to do this. Not much makes me proud to be British but this programme did.
  5. Really does annoy me this. Who want's to see some else's chewed food. Put's me off eating.
  6. First time i've seen it, normally in pub at this time.
  7. There is no Virginmedia service in Hackenthorpe area. BT charge around £26 per month [ for unlimited ] plus line rental for their "fiber" infinity service, although it is only fiber to the street cabinet and copper the last few metre's to your house. Sky also offer this service and are a fiver cheaper i think. Plusnet are also a bit cheaper than BT but i believe BT now own plusnet. As for packages, you would have to look on the SKY website. There offer's change monthly. I don't think you will get a TV package and infinity broadband for less than around £50 per month. Yes, you will still require a TV liscense.
  8. So true. Went to Asda a few weeks ago on the way from from a night shift at around 3am and no bread or fresh veg available.
  9. i can't afford to go game hunting at around £500 or more a day, and i agree that some fat business man paying thousands to try and use a shotgun, not easy, to clean kill a game bird is not accetable. But your view is irrelevant, because millions of people eat meat and poultry, so your opinion will make no difefrence. Eating meat is good for human beings.
  10. Of course it happened and happens every day across the country. The are over 2 million licensed shotgun and rifle owners in the england.
  11. If they can't fit through a turnstyle let the fatty's starve until they could. Fat greedy pie munching waste of space and benefit scrounging *******
  12. No it's happening, should open late next year. How many Supermarkets does Sheffield need?
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