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  1. Bertha was the auntie to my wife, Linda and John being her cousins. Bertha was the daughter of Ike Grayson the well known Shop and fruit stall holder. Bertha later married Ike Barfield.
  2. i worked on the farm at the very end of Lightwood Lane in the 60s. where i worked for a Mr Jimmy Rhodes, also did work for Gordon Thompson down at Povey who was related to Jimmy. The farm on the left just before the end of the lane was run by two brothers Bert and Bob Morton.
  3. All our three kids attended, a smashing little nursery. Now had to move down the hill.
  4. Excellent reading, know every step you take and persons you describe.
  5. Been thinking of having my Landrover Discovery underneath steam cleaned but I am being put off with the thought that it may cause me electrical problems, are fears founded?.
  6. Hi Am I looking for the impossible, I want an outside system of 4 dome wired cameras possibly around 720TVl, colour with night vision. To be connected to a hard drive for recording when not at home, this must be then wired to my TV for later viewing. Ho and nearly forgot must be able to view live on my Galaxy Note 3 whilst not at home. As you can see I know very little regarding CCTV and any info on Kits or separates would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Harold Savage & Son, Farmers & Butcher Ltd Fair View Sloade Lane, Ridgway, Sheffield 12
  8. My wife worked there straight from school in 1968, she has many memories from there including losing two finger ends on the new stamping machine. Some of the names are Madge and John G, May and Ernest P, Betty D. She remembers all the names mentioned in the previous post
  9. Flat fire around the 30s Mount Street, firemen had to break in as there was no on at home,no one hurt.
  10. Whilst i totally agree that a half hour call should be half hour with the client, but is there any travelling time from client to client taken into account.
  11. There was Bert and Bob Morton, two brothers, who had a small farm on Lightwood Lane in the 1960s.
  12. Gilbert Street is nasty little hill, then you have to walk up South Street to get to the top of the steps, possibly the 158 steps is the easy option.
  13. Would that one be anywhere near Hanging Lea wood?.
  14. No idea when it was capped off or filled in, but i am sure i was once told it had been capped off.
  15. The large house was owned by Harold Savage of H Savage & Son Farmers & Butchers, Harold and his wife lived there. Spot on with the Pillow Box.
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