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  1. Oh take it like a man! ---------- Post added 20-01-2017 at 00:08 ---------- Look pal, I don't believe in Jesus Christ, nor do I believe in any of the 2700 god that man has invented over the years, but I do think it is incredibly intensive of you to the feelings of those who do to blaspheme in this way. Taking the Lord's name in vain in that way demonstrates a callous disregard for other people's feelings.
  2. Hi Robin! You are wilfully misrepresenting my position. No way could anything I have said be interpreted in the way you pretend. Nowhere have I said or suggested that bisexuality is a mental deficiency. How dare you! Have you no constructive argument? Do you have to resort to ad-hominem attacks to make your point?
  3. Again, I think you are wrong about that. A woman doesn't have male parts, and vice versa, so if it's those parts that you fancy one night, then you can't have them! That must be difficult for some. Can you not see that?
  4. And like I say, it perhaps hinges on the definition of "dating".
  5. Okay, sure, there are some bisexuals who chose to marry / partner-up with one person for life, but if they do that they must deny half their sexuality. It's not a recipe for a happiness. If they can be satisfied by one person of the same or the opposite sex, permanently, without feeling that they are missing out on something, then perhaps they are not truly bisexual. ---------- Post added 19-01-2017 at 23:29 ---------- No. "Retro" would be finding something wrong with bisexuality. Saying that a bisexual person can be fully happy married (exclusively) to one other person is like saying that a heterosexual can be happy married to a person of the same sex, or that a homosexual can be married to a person of the opposite sex. Maybe that works for some of them, but a sexuality is something that needs to be fulfilled in order to achieve happiness. If someone fancies both men and women, they're going to be missing out with just the one.
  6. Surely, the future with Trump as president is a golden one!
  7. I think Trump's reign will be ended by what may be described as the 'trickle-down effect' - LOL!
  8. Because they would be unsatisfied with just you as a sexual partner, and so you would have to share them with at least one other person. Not a problem for you maybe, but it would be for me! Did you interpret "date them" as "shag them"? That would be different. If it's casual or group sex you're after, then that would be absolutely fine. A bisexual person would be trapped in a relationship with just one other person, and would be unhappy. Unless... unless the other person were hermaphrodite, perhaps.
  9. You're deliberately misrepresenting what I said. You obviously like to overtake other motorists and resent it when they prevent you from doing so, even if/when it prevents you from causing a collision by driving headlong into a car that you didn't see. That's your problem with this, isn't it.
  10. Don't be silly. As I said, by speeding up and pulling out a bit towards the centre of the road, just enough to discourage the overtake. It greatly depends on the surroundings. The timing is critical and has to work before the driver commits to the manoeuvre. It's unlikely to work if the other car has twice your power and the driver his Hell-bent.
  11. Bliar is crazed by religion and lust for power, as opposed to Corbyn, who is just crazed!
  12. It's really easy. You can move into the other lane as they do and physically block them, or simply discourage them by speeding up and perhaps pulling out a bit. I found that a lot of people did that to me when I had a standard family type and somewhat underpowered car, presumably because they couldn't bear the shame of being passed by such a vehicle. Now I'm in a faster car they don't even try. Quite a few older motorists, the Sunday morning type, tend to do this. They drive at 25mph everywhere until you try to overtake and then they rev the nuts off theirs to force you to pull in behind them and then they slow down to 25mph again! Mental!
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