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  1. Look forward to it, but rarely buy anything.
  2. Apparently it costs only a few pence to make the blades. ---------- Post added 27-06-2017 at 11:37 ---------- Thanks BB, but I got mine from a reputable seller (Superdrug). I've always got my shaving stuff from them and everything's been great in the past.. i.e genuine. It's extremely unlikely they'd be selling fake blades.
  3. Really peed off at this. First of all, the lubricating strip seems to last about 3-4 shaves whereas before it took about a week. And secondly, I can feel nicks and even cut myself slightly after about 20 years. I've been using these blades for years and they've always been brilliant. Why Gillette decided to tamper with the design is beyond me. The pack I got was for 13 blades for about £20. I'm wondering if it's that particular pack that they've messed with. Maybe if I went for the 8 pack, the design would be as before? Anyone else notice this and if I change brands, which one(s) would you recommend? Thanks.
  4. Hi How come some videos don't show when they were published on Youtube? - Is it a bug on YT or has the option been there all along for the uploader to hide it? Thanks.
  5. Yes, that's the one. And thanks for mentioning I can without it affecting the main box.
  6. Hi all Do I have to leave it switched on all the time or can I turn it off during the night? - Will it make any difference if I do? Thanks.
  7. I speak from experience when I say the brakes don't work when coasting. Well, they only work about 10% I'd say. It was a pretty scary feeling I can tell you, especially going downhill. To save a bit of gas whilst putting yourself (and others) in danger is not an intelligent thing to do.
  8. 2 points: Firstly, coasting is when you're in neutral. In gear, it's just normal driving. And secondly, it's extremely dangerous to engage in such an action. The brakes will disable and the consequences could be fatal. Never do it.
  9. It's too risky in stopping or blocking people from overtaking. I just slow down and let them pass. Safest thing you can do.
  10. Thanks apelike. And what would happen if you did put it on a shag-pile carpet? - Is there a chance of the appliance catching fire or is that a bit too far-fetched?
  11. If you can say that in English, that'd be great.
  12. Hi all Purchased one of these: http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/household-appliances/laundry/tumble-dryers/indesit-idc8t3b-condenser-tumble-dryer-white-10134871-pdt.html ... and was wondering if it's ok to put it on the carpet? The info says not to "if the pile height would prevent air from entering the dryer from the base". If set aside the advice above, is there a chance of fire or just damage to the carpet (which I'm not too fussed about)? Thanks.
  13. Thanks geared. And the thing is, because of the problem with the eardrum, I can still feel the ear being slightly clogged-up. As mentioned earlier, the nurse couldn't exactly figure out what the problem is but most likely some of the wax is stuck on the eardrum itself. She looked at the right ear and that was fine, so she didn't bother to syringe that one. If there is wax on the eardum, what else could be used to remove it, since syringing didn't seem to work? And would I need to go to hospital to do it?
  14. She said I need to make an appointment with the GP so he can have another look. It's possible it could be an infection but wouldn't it hurt if that was the case? It's not doing so at the moment. In fact, there's been no pain ever since this whole thing started. BTW, there's still some ringing in my left ear. Will that go away with time do you think?
  15. Right folks. Went for the ear syringing today. All is fine except the nurse said the eardrum is slightly red. She's not exactly sure of the cause but I'm wondering whether it was the excessive wax that's the culprit?
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