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  1. we did until recently accept pets, we had a couple of irresponsible owners that lead us to have a change of policy,
  2. sorry I did not mean to offend, i have ammended the post now, just thought if they were struggling we could help.
  3. Many thanks for these, I can't wait to try some of them out
  4. Many thanks for asking this, I will have a look too
  5. We actually bought our cottage because the noise of the sparrows in the hedge in the garden reminded my husband of his childhood, how sad is that!!! We have loads of them nesting happily at the moment.
  6. hi, i have just swapped from orange to o2 to get the £13.50 3gs deal, i almost sent it back as the coverage is so poor, i understand its the phone as well as o2 that are carp, in the end i kept it as i loved the phone, i had a nokia brick. ps i do not live near sheffield so have no idea what the o2 coverage is like in your area.
  7. Yes we have a cottage we let out, we are with an agancy but they are a waste of space and the conditions of being with them are really strict with respect to our own bookings. I would recommend doing it al yourself if you can but be awhere this year is particually bad as noone has any money or dare not spend it if they have:rant:
  8. we live not too far from Flamingo land, there are often vouchers in our local paper but none at the mo, the only one I know of is the Yorkshire.com one, last year you coulsd convert tesco deals vouchers but they are sadly not in the scheme this year.
  9. as others say, it has to be online traders selling so cheaply.
  10. There is so much to do in the area, if money is tight the beach is free!! Our kids love the Yorkshire moors railway, Flamingo Land, Eden Camp, Ryedale Folk museum, Castle Howard, we will never tire of the area!!
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