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  1. A lot of Owls seem to be actually routing for him to get the job. He wouldn't be my first choice but to be fair to them, the odds list isn't exactly thrilling.
  2. Move over agent Warnock, seems there's a new, far more powerful secret agent in town.... Agent Chanseri. I'm growing fonder of him by the day
  3. I try and recycle whatever I can so we fill our recycling bin and box almost every 2 weeks. This effectively will mean (for us at least) that less will be recycled as when the bin is full 2-3 weeks into the month, the rest will go into the black bin. Looks like not so much thought put into the recycling of waste, just the penny pinching aspect considered.
  4. And what if the OP doesn't drive? Should they lug the contents of their full blue bin and box onto the bus, if there is a bus service that runs from where they live to the nearest tip that is?
  5. Indeed! I'm going to say a little prayer before I go to bed tonight!
  6. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/middlesbrough-sack-garry-monk-after-11746528 Wowzer
  7. I'd hazard a guess that it's probably more to do with the drug fueled nutter element of clientele that the Niche has always attracted.
  8. T'wasn't me who posted as such, (I just tried to clear up your misunderstanding of the matter as it was pretty obvious what Barry meant) but if that makes you happy sweetcheeks, then it's all good Merry Christmas
  9. Come on, use your noggin. It really ain't that baffling. As a striker playing for a pub team, then you must be a pub team striker, surely?
  10. Er... I'm pretty sure that as it was Donaldson who scored both goals tonight, it was him he was referring too, and for the reason I stated. Maybe Clarke didn't patent the term 'pub striker'!?
  11. I think when he used the term 'pub striker', he was referring to the fact that Donaldson cost us just 50k, yet some other teams have spent substantially more on strikers who have failed to deliver their money's worth by comparison.
  12. Absolutely! I'm hoping he gets a visit from 3 ghosts this Sunday evening!
  13. If you haven't got scissors, just think of the quandary you'd be in if you popped out to Asda to pick up a pair so you could finally get into those delicious crumpets, only to find that the scissors are in one of those hard, clear plastic packaging covers that they oh so often come in!
  14. Correct. My husband's company is a small but successful, lovely, family run business. You could definitely say that he has it good. My place of work is owned by a massive mega rich and ruthless tycoon, who features in the UK rich list and owns more businesses than you could shake a stick at. He didn't get where is is today by being lavish with his staff, that's for sure! Cushy it is definitely not!
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