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  1. Can anyone recommend someone to look at our floorboards? Moved in over the summer but have just noticed various boards are creakier than others and some have a lot of 'bounce' in them, making the floors a bit uneven. Looking to get new carpets down so want them fixing first if possible. Upstairs and downstairs - sees downstairs is up on concrete pillars and some of the joists might need replacing? Thanks
  2. Hi - need someone to look at roof of my new house. There is a slate/tile missing and want to get it looked at before the autumn. Also need one of the down pipes fixing and gutters cleaning.
  3. Lowedges Road has just been ploughed and gritted. A 53 bus has also been past!
  4. The digging is to replace electricity cabling - we had a letter through on Wednesday and they are digging outside today.
  5. Tesco was dead last time Hillsborough was on the same day : (
  6. Thanks will be delivering the clothes to the children's centre next week and sorting out the toys to take to bluebell wood x thanks for the advice
  7. Is there anywhere other than charity shops that I can donate some baby clothes, toys and equipment? I would prefer them to go directly to parents/babies that can use them. Thanks in advance
  8. Any chance you can do something like this on a weekend?
  9. The Cross Burgess site has not been part of CSA since 2009 and is now closed anyway. The nearest CSA processing centre is in Barnsley but there are no public access offices as everything is done via the internet and telephone.
  10. The Tommee Tippee one gives a lot of false alarms apparently. We have the Angelcare one and have only ever had one false alarm in a year. We used to put the sensor pad under the mattress in the moses basket and it worked fine. I still use ours even though she is now one and in a cot bed : )
  11. Hi Thanks for the replies will let them know via their website as soon as we have moved. Bidding for 2 bed houses at the moment as have a partner, 2 year old daughter and weekend access to partner's 9 year old son. I realise we are not eligible for a 3 bed as he is not living with us and I know 7 years isnt a lot of waiting time compared to some people but have been desperate for a few years. We both work full time but after rent, bills, maintenance and nursery costs we are struggling. We dont get any help (or expect any) with childcare and bboth of our jobs have now been moved away from the city centre so I am commuting to Doncaster and partner to Rotherham. Would love to come back to Sheffield one day though : )
  12. I've been on the housing list for 7 years - bidding every week to no avail! We are now moving to Rotherham for a few years as we cannot afford to stay in Sheffield. Can I stay on the register while we are in Rotherham? Would really like to return to the city of mine and my childs birth at some point in the future and will hopefully be able to afford to buy but if not it would be nice to stay in the list.
  13. Thank you very much for all the replies - especially Bluedragonfly!. I'll take a drive out tomorrow and have a look.
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